San Francisco: Day 1

WARNING: those with weak stomachs take caution when reading this post

So I told you that this vacation would be an adventure. Whitney family trips always get interesting, but I didn’t bargain for this quite so early in this trip.
We had an early flight, so wake up time was 4:00am and we were on the road by 4:30 (well most us us were…mom had to check and double check everything twice). Its easy to tell who the morning people in the family are….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ll give you a hint, its not these two.
The security line was super long, so we were one of the last groups to board our plane, which meant we all the dreaded middle seats between strangers. Like I said before, I like meeting new people so I don’t mind the middle seat as long as I don’t get stuck next to two big sweaty smelly passengers. Found a decent seat, and things were going great until I started to experience my first ever bout of motion sickness. Yeah I bet you can tell where this is going. Let me tell you that never before have I had issues with planes, cars, or even roller coasters. I guess there is a first time for everything. As I started to get uncomfortable, I checkes the seat pocket for one of those complimentary white bags…no luck. I also saw a long line for the bathroom, so even if I could manage to climb over the guy sitting next to me I knew I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. So embarrassed as can be, I politely asked the guy if he could please check his seat pocket for a bag, while apologizing for being a horrible flight buddy. …I’ll leave out the details on next part. To sum it up, it was utterly embarrassing šŸ˜¦ but luckily the passengers on either side were very comforting and understanding. The woman shared her breath mints, and the man got me some water, towels, and assured me that I was the most graceful sick person he’d ever seen…I guess that’s a compliment. I spent the rest of the flight embarrassed and apologizing for my couple minutes of gross.
So I admit, this story might be a little to intimate…I mean you were just getting to know me, but hey, I’m all about honesty. No holding back for this girl.
The rest of our travel was much more pleasant despite a few wrong turns on the way to the hotel. Usually no big deal right? The GPS on our phone would “recalculate route”, but if you know our family, you would know we are a little behind the times. Don’t worry though, dads can read an old school map like a boss! After a few minuets on the side of the road followed by some carefully calculated u turns we made it.


Safein San Francisco!

We then headed to China Town and had a delicious Chinese meal! Only disappointment, the restaurant we choose didn’t serve crab rangoons, our favorite! If you have never been to China Town, it is a crowded area full of shops selling Chinese foods, produce, nic knacks, and hanging meat. The whole street was full of different sights and smells.


China town!

Next we headed to the trolley car museum. It was cool to see the mechanics behind the only trolley system still running in the US.


We spent the rest of the afternoon walking Lombard street, and checking out the amazing views, architecture, shops, and of course the crooked street.

So I know this post is long, but we had a long day to share! Check Facebook later for more photos, and of course we’d love to share more details when we return!
Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “San Francisco: Day 1

  1. Julie – I’m right there with you on the sickness part. Planes, Trains, & Automobiles has a totally separate meaning for me than it does most people. Enjoy your trip – I love your blog!

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