San Francisco Day 6: Yosemite

We were eager to start out day 6 of our vacation after just having a taste of Yosemite Park the day before. After discussing our physical fitness and hiking experience with the park rangers yesterday, we chose a hike that would challenge us(Will and I), without overworking our senior aged driver and trip planner that accompanied us (Dad and Mom). Okay, that’s not true at all, not only are we blessed to have parents who plan (and finance) awesome vacations, but they are full of energy to hike and explore.
That being said, we are all used to the much lower elevations, and gradual inclines of the Midwest. We opted for a guided bus ride to the top of Glacier Point and a hike back down to the valley. Our tour guide on the ride up was not a Whitney favorite, but he did know a lot about forest burns and California wild fires. Even a cooky guide couldn’t ruin the experience. The stunning panoramic views, and smells of the pines were so over whelming it becomes hard to think about anything else.


The ride to the point was a little over an hour, but once on top, it was hard to believe we were ever down at the bottom.


Dad is pointing to where we started.

The view was absolutely amazing. I am actually struggling to find words to describe what it felt like to be up so high and surrounded by so much beauty. (And I don’t just mean my mom).


The beautiful view, and beautiful Mom.


With a loss or words, I want to post more of the photos I took, but even the photos don’t seem to do it justice.


Moral of the story: plan a trip! (Message me and I’d love to share details of where we stayed, and recommendations)

Our hike down was on a trail called the 4 mile trail, which was deceiving because it was actually over 5 miles plus a flat land hike to the parking lot. Even though the hike was down hill, it was no stroll in the park. The trail was very steep and slippery at times, which was scary at places were the trial was narrow, and the fall was steep.


Will liked to make mom nervous.

Although a good portion of the hike was shaded by the ponderosa pines, some parts got very hot with the sun beating on our backs. We took frequent water and food breaks to snap more photos and soak in the moment.


The pack mules carried our snacks and water.

From beginning the decent, till we reached flat land,  he hike took about 2.5 hours. We stumbled around the park for a little longer for a few more photo ops, then headed back to the resort for some well earned pizza and pool time!



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