South Africa Day 1: Travel

Yay! We are on our way to the other side of the world! What a long day of travel it has been. The last few nights I have not gotten much sleep due to the holiday festivities, and traveling around the state. This morning I started off early to pack my final bag before mom dropped me off at the airport.
All 7 students plus Marty, our professor mentor, made it though security besides a small scissor incident. I guess our supplies looked a little suspicious in Gabby’s carry on.
About 24 hours of travel has left plenty of time to catch up on my sleep plus watch a few movies. Don’t worry dad, I brushed up on my survival skills with Liam Nessian in Taken 2. And in case someone has a little too much wine at the winery, Hangover Part 2 should help us figure out what happened.
Okay well above when I said 24 hours, I was on the plane estimating our time based on our tickets. Well I’m sorry to say, that was quite the under-estimation. I got to the st. Louis airport at about 10:30 am and we finally got to our condo in Capetown at 6:44pm the next day… That’s 32 hours of travel! We were on schedule from st. Louis to DC. From DC to Dakar was our long flight which was also right on track. Our Dakar to Johannesburg was a little behind, and by the time we got through customs and got our bags, we missed our next flight. We has to wait a couple hours for the next connection. Many people had the same issue with the flights so our baggage was all mixed up, and we were unable to find two bags. Ashton and Tanner wore that first set of clothes for way to long.
Then we all loaded into our rental van. Marty driving this oversized stick shift van on the left side of the road was, and still is SCARY! We ended up getting lost for an hour…maybe two. Apparently people in South Africa are not good with their lefts, rights, and directions in general. We kept getting sent in circles.
When we finally reached our destination. It was something like 3am here and we were not quite ready for bed because our clocks were all out of whack. We went on a prowl for some quick food, KFC was the only thing open, but it are tasted good! We headed back to the condos for a few hours of sleep.
Stay tuned to hear about our adventures now that we are settled.


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