South Africa: Sunday

Sunday was our first full day here in South Africa. We mostly explored cape town, got our barrings, and located the ATMs. The money used here is called Rand, and the exchange is very favorable to us. $1 US dollar is equal to 10 rand. So at a dinner at a nice restaurant, the most expensive meal was 130rand for a delicious sea food platter. That was $13 US dollars! A great deal.


We stopped by the African market for a quick time, it was Sunday so it was a little smaller than usual, but such a colorful sight. The square is covered in tents full of colorful goods, jewelry, bowls, masks, bags, and many other handmaid goods. The bartering is in full swing. The boys and Marty loved haggling for a good price, but I am rather shy to do so!


We then drove to see the court house where Mandela gave his first speech.


We then toured the army fort next door. This fort had a museum of South African military, which was new to me. This was the first military base in South Africa.
It had a great view!


And some pretty crazy military uniforms…Shannon, if you ever joined the army, you would totally need one of these.


The boys did some crazy climbing here too! Here they are in a pit.


We attempted to head to a winery for dinner, but once again got lost. The GPS system does not work everywhere here, and has caused us quite a bit of frustration.  We ended up at a restaurant with great wine and food anyways. The group had a good night at some local bars for drinks and music.


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