South Africa: Monday, Prep Day

Monday morning started out with an early breakfast at the cafe near the condos. We then headed out to find Western Cape university. Like I had mentioned before, the GPS, and the driver (cough Marty cough), we got super lost. Most of us fell back asleep, but I think the drive took well over an hour. Once we finally arrived, we were greeted with a warm welcome from Jarard, our MU-WCU contact. He filled us in with information about the university which used to be for blacks only. After apartheid, much more money was given to the school for improvement, and it was opened to all races. The campus was very pretty, and a lot like a smaller Mizzou.


There was a cool statue in the quad area, it showed the transformation from a street sweeper, or manual worker, or an elated graduate. The ability for non-whites to get an education is still much harder than it should be. This is a transformation that is in the process, and we are here to help this cause.


Tuition is about $1000 a year for students, which may seem cheap compared to US tuition, but it is very difficult for many here to afford any education. The current enrollment is about 7000.
We then learned what exactly to expect in the school and the children we were to teach. The poverty ranges, but the means are much different than anything I have seen in the US. I will talk more on that later.
On the way home we stopped at the airport to get tickets for later in the trip. We ended up as the target of a parking trip scam. Lucky Marty is a smart man, and called their bluff, regardless, we ended up stuck at the airport for at least an hour.


We then headed to see the beach. It was already pretty dark, and it being winter gave the beach an eerie feeling. The waves were incredibly massive. I have never ever seen waves so strong! We watched the sun set while climbing around on the rocks. At some point almost everyone got their feet soaked in the frigid water( Jenna and I were lucky!).


Dinner was at a Cuban restaurant, followed with a night of playing cards.


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