South Africa: Wednesday- Teaching Day 2

Today was the day for my lesson at the school. I have been really excited to teach the plan Levi and I prepared when we were back in the states. I was even more excited after having seen how the learners responded to the groups yesterday.
We began our presentation with some basic computer knowledge. Belleville south had a handful of computers, and the learners had some basic experience with email, Facebook, and some other programs. We explained to them more about how computers communicate through the language of binary. This was new to them, and they had some great questions for us. Then we began to explain the binary system to them, and how to read and write numbers in binary. I loved seeing the light bulbs click as they understood how it worked, and then see them eager to help their fellow classmates understand.


Our activity required the groups to split in two. One acting as a computer in South Africa, and the other acting as the computer in the States. The first group had a picture colored in black on a grid. Their job was to send the pixels in binary to the other group, where the second group would decode it and color their empty grid accordingly.


They were so quick to catch on, and worked so hard to win the competition. We even had time to do another. I was so proud of my cheetah girls for winning! One boy was so interested in the computers and binary he said he hoped to become a computer engineer. It is so cool to have these kids looking up to us, and to be able to provide them with the invaluable gift of knowledge.


Our prizes were Mizzou t-shirts. I want to especially thank those who gave me some Mizzou shirts from their own collection to share with these teens. I don’t even know how to explain how excited they were to have them. American culture is huge in South Africa. Many of the teens asked if there were scholarships to MU, because they wanted to be tigers. They raced for the opportunity to have a gold or black shirt to wear. Many of them put them on right away, and wore them the next day as well.


Our last lesson was taught by Jenna and Ashton. They discussed the properties of resistors in electrical circuits. Their activity was using Ohm’s law (V=IR) to find for a specific current, and decide how much resistance was needed. Then they had to use the color code chart to find what the resistor was needed, and build the correct circuit. Once it was built they could measure it with a multi-meter.
Levi and my team was very quick to solve this activity. They had some experience with ohm’s law before, and remembered how to use it.


During our spare time, we went outside to warm up and get some fresh air. The school building is very cold and damp, it reminded me of a jail I toured once. I think the concrete structure with no insulation and broken windows creates the uncomfortable environment. Being outside was very nice in comparison. Thanks to my mom, I brought 10 frisbees to share with the group as prizes. We played with those outside.


During our personal presentation, I told them that I was on the cheer and dance team in highschool. The girls asked me to show them a few things. This was so much fun, we cheered and danced together for a long time. I taught them some cheers from CJA, then they taught me some moves too!


We have really bonded with one another, and the days are going much to fast at the school.
I have learned more Afrikaans words–> computer=relcenaar and dance=danse.
For dinner we went to a nice restaurant, and ordered springbok which is similar to a deer or antelope. It is the animal that their rugby team is named after. The meat was delicious!


Keep posted for our last day at the school.


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