Kruger Part 2

As we ventured further into the park to our second camp, we kept our eyes out for more animals. Our goal was to see the “Kruger Big 5”. The Big 5 are the White Rhino, Elephant, Water Buffalo, Lion, and Leopard. We were lucky enough to see 3 of the 5. We never saw any cats, but were told that they tend to move north in the winter for better weather,  I don’t think we moved far enough north to see them.  In addition to the elephant, water buffalo, and  white rhino, we saw the black rhino,  lots of giraffes,  baboons, a hyena, zebra, a crocodile, hippopotamus, wildebeests, wart hogs, and so many birds and deer/antelope species.

Enjoy some photos!


For Dinner we ate at a train station which was converted into a restaurant. I had a pizza with crocodile meat on it. It was delicious! I would totally recommend it. This was a super fun night chilling under the stars with a campfire in the grill pit next to the huts. We definitely had some good bonding 🙂


In the morning Gabby, Mark, and I went on another sunrise ride with Marty. We discovered a visitor viewing area where we were able to get out of the car. This was the only place (besides the camp) that we saw this option. The area had a fenced in pathway to a small covered dock area.


This was the coolest part of all of Kruger! We sat in total silence as we watched the sun come up over the most serene watering hole. About 8 hippos stood in the water in front of us, just their faces peaking out of the water. Occasionally they would snort and make calls to a group of hippos in the distance. A tree COMPLETELY COVERED in birds was to our right. It was so covered, I thought the birds were leaves at first. Occasionally a few would soar off over the lake and deeper into the park. A crocodile floated in the water right in front of us.  The whole scene was utterly unbelievable. I was so glad I chose to forgo a few hours of extra sleep to experience this unique sight.

Look hard, those ears/ heads sticking out of the water are hippos

ImageImageImage This was the viewing Area

Check back to hear about the scary night we had in Middelburg!


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