Sien Jou later South Africa

Our last night in South Africa we ate at a fancy restaurant on Mandela’s Square. The whole place had stuffed animals on the walls and made a very cool atmosphere. We spent the dinner talking about what we had learned and our favorite parts of the tip. It is always great to listen to others give their perspective on the same experience you had. Each person can see something totally different and unique. I am not sure that I could choose a favorite part of the trip. To me it seemed to almost be two separate trips, one spent with the learners in Bellville, and one spent exploring the country. Both “trips” unforgettable in their own ways.

At dinner I ordered  Kudu. If you remember from my Kruger posts, a Kudu is similar to a large deer or elk. It was delicious!


Kudu in Kruger

I have been asked many questions about the food in South Africa. Yes the food was delicious! Overall, at any given restraint, store, most things that would be in an American restaurant or store would be there as well. Burgers, pastas, wraps, sandwiches, steaks were all available. By no surprise, being on the cape, sea food was a huge hit. (I personally am not a huge seafood fan, but I always like to try it out when I visit a place known for their fish). It was very fresh and delicious. I think Gabby ate it for at least half of her meals! They said it was the best seafood they have had. Most menus also had a few “exotic” items. Things that showed up often were: Ostrich (usually in a burger), Kudu, Springbok, and at a few places Crocodile. All of which I tried and liked. Like I said, for people who were not willing to challenge their taste buds, there are plenty of “normal options”. There were also quite a few KFCs and some McDonalds.  We saw lots of Chinese restaurants some Indian restaurants, but absolutely no Mexican food. They didn’t even know what a tortilla chip is. I am lucky there was plenty of food to try, or I probably would have been having chips and salsa withdrawals.


Kudu on my plate

Do you have any other questions about South Africa?

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip across the world to the beautiful South Africa. These post only share a very brief highlight of the amazing memories made here. I would love to share more with you so call me, lets meet up and talk! Or message me I could go on for hours about the wonderful experiences I had in these too short weeks.


Beautiful view of the Cape

If you are a student, please, please please, look into a study abroad trip. I know it is a big commitment, can be expensive, and can be a little scary, but I promise it will be worth it. I am lucky enough that I went to a university where short term study aboard programs are an option.  I didn’t want to take an entire semester away from my schooling, or family, but was still able to have the experiences of a life time for 2 weeks in South Africa and previously 10 days in Ireland. In these trips I have learned so much about how other people live, what adventures lie outside of my comfort zone, the incredible beauty of our planet, and so much about myself. Save up the money, look for a scholar ship, and take the risk! It will more than pay off. Once you graduate and enter the working world, it will be a long, long time before you can acquire enough vacation time  to take an adventure like this. The real world doesn’t have spring breaks, and winter breaks, and summer breaks, just a few days off here and there.


Thank you Mizzou Engineering and JR Swanagan for making these trips possible! Thank you Marty Walker for your time, patients, and wisdom along this trip. It truly has impacted my life in so many ways.

I will never forget the students at Bellville High school, your sweet faces have touched my heart. I wish you all the best futures. You are all so bright and have so much potential to make a difference.


My classmates Gabby, Jenna, Levi, Tanner, Mark, and Ashton, it was a pleasure learning with and about you on this journey. I am so glad to have met you all, and hope to see you soon!


I am back to reality now, with a new place, and a new job! Stay tuned for more about this new chapter of my life.

Post your thoughts and questions below I would love to hear from you.



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