That time I locked myself out…with the keys in my hands

Last week I had a horrible case of the Mondays…but it was a Tuesday. Besides the fact that I didn’t feel like getting out of bed,  I had the worst congestion/sinus head ache/snot fest ever. To add a cherry on top, as soon as I got to work, we got some bad news. The server had crashed and needed to be completely reset, meaning that every last thing we had done on Monday was completely gone. Eight hours of hard and tedious work had been reduced to nothing. We were able to rebuild this work a lot quicker than I thought. About 1000 tissues, a bottle of hand sanitizer and eight super long hours later I finally got to head home. I was exhausted and hungry, but came home to a bare cupboard.  I slammed my door in disgust and headed  out to grocery shop and run a few errands. I even decided to treat myself and buy some ice cream sandwiches to make my day better (plus they were on sale).

As I came back to my place, ready to cook dinner, and indulge in my ice cream, I unlocked the door, and pushed the door SLAM. It wouldn’t open.  My door has one of those hotel like dead bolts like this one:

Apparently when I slammed the door to leave, the dead bolt loopy thing bounced into the locked position. There I was, starving, with bags of groceries, melting ice cream, and an almost-dead cell phone locked outside my door…with the keys in my hand.

My stuff just chilling  melting outside.

2013-09-10 20.15.37

I went around to the back door, but being a smart girl I was not surprised that it too was dead bolted. It was such a tease to be able to see into my apartment though the inch crack in the door, but not be able to open it! I thought about checking to see if any of the windows were unlocked and I could find a way to pry one open, but my protective dad devised a fool proof window locking system before I moved in to make sure I would be safe. I was able to call the on-call maintenance  man, who laughed and told me the he would be there in about 15 minuets.

It was hot out. I had two choices. A) I could sit on my butt and eat an entire box of ice cream sandwiches before they melted Or B) I could put on my problem solving hat and try to get into my apartment. Although option A was super tempting, I decided that no matter how bad of a day I had, that much ice cream would not be beneficial to my pre-bridal figure.

I spent a good five minuets trying to stick my fingers into the crack and move the bolt…no surprise, it was unsuccessful. Next I headed out to my car to see what kind of tools I could find. I was equipped with a coat hanger, a first aid kit, and a cloth grocery bag.

I ended up using the inside plastic bottom of the cloth grocery bag. You know that piece that is supposed to help it keep a rectangular shape.  I was able to close it in the door and wiggle and jam and try again and again until it opened! I was working on the back door. Once I was in I hurried to the front door to open it and grab my groceries, and there was the maintenance guy walking up with his tool…just a little too late.

The method I used ( I have never embedded a GIF before…I am not sure if it works on this page or if you need to click on it to work)

Practice this!

Practice this…it will come in handy someday.


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