Fall Decor

Fall is here, and I have mixed feelings. I LOVE summer. Bring on the heat. Bring on the sun. I won’t lie, I am sad to see it go. There are a few things good about the fall.

  1. The beautiful colors and decoration
  2. Halloween (the best holiday ever)
  3. Boots!

Now let me explain.

Beautiful colors and decorations. George and I went to visit some friends of ours a few weekends ago. Trent (George’s best man) and his wife Katie (would she be considered the best first lady?) have the most beautifully decorated house.  She posted here on her delightful fall décor. Isn’t it the cutest? It really set the mood for fall on the first chilly weekend we had here in the Midwest. I thought I would share my décor here.

This is a paper pumpkin my mom made and taped onto a bag of candy for a Halloween treat. I so craftily taped it on my door.

2013-10-14 22.18.30
This blanket on my couch has some orange in it. Festive right?

2013-10-14 22.19.35

And here is my favorite fall decor. Boots, by the door!

2013-10-14 22.22.43

Maybe one day I will be crafty and cute and have actual decorations, but for now, I am 81 days  away from wedding time.  Time and money have been resourced elsewhere. I have been traveling most weekends, and recently just added 30 mineuts to my daily commute. This has resulted in much less time to take care of my place. I has been struggle enough to keep up with laundry and dishes, some things will just have to wait. If decor is meant to share something about the home owner, or the season, mine says: “The girl who lives here is too busy for fall!”

Doesn’t it just make you want to jump in a big pile of fall leaves?

2013-10-14 22.18.50

On to my next point. The boots.

I have a boot fetish. I currently have 12 pairs in my closet. Fall =  the beginning of boot season. I have ridiculously small feet which means my size goes on clearance very cheap which means more quality boots for less money!

2013-10-14 22.25.03

A few of my favorites.

This pair belonged to my mom in college. She also has small feet and good taste in boots! Lucky for me she takes care of her things. Yay for real vintage!

2013-10-14 22.25.48

These little booties I got at the end of last season, on clearance of course. I only got to wear them twice before the weather changed. I am excited to put some miles on these guys.

2013-10-14 22.25.26

Oh and Halloween. I love dress up. I love candy. I love bonfires. Halloween ranks up towards the top of my holiday list.

Yup that’s all I got for now.

I hope your house looks a little more festive than mine. Well see about next fall!


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