Spaghetti Stuffed Garlic Bread

I love trying new recipes, and this one was definitely a keeper! I made it once before and was a totally hit. So of course I had to try it again for this week for a fall dinner with our friends complete with pumpkin carving contest (Click here to read and vote for the winner). My fiancé, George, loves spaghetti , so I knew he would enjoy the twist on this classic dish. I hope you enjoy!

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PS I will post a more lengthy explanation with pictures, and then a compacted version below that would be easier for printing.

 2013-10-16 19.00.58

Start with a Rhodes frozen loaf (you can also make your own bread but these frozen loaves are so easy!) I took mine out of the freezer in the morning to the counter to thaw, but if you are in more of a hurry , placing the loaf in a plastic bag in a bowl of warm water works well too!

 2013-10-16 17.45.19

We will fully cook the spaghetti before baking it in the bread, so I start by turning on the water to boil.


Once the loaf if thawed roll flat with a rolling pin until it is in a rectangle about 12×16 rectangle. This is probably the hardest part of the whole recipe. Be patient, keep rolling, it will get there!

 2013-10-16 17.36.54 

Once you reach the desired size, spray a little non stick spray on the dough and cover with plastic wrap until you have finished cooking the spaghetti.


Add about a half a box of spaghetti to the water. I like the whole wheat noodles. (Sometimes in pain spaghetti the texture of the whole wheat seems a little off, but I think its great in the bread. –> just remember to add a little extra sauce because they are a little more dry) The whole wheat noodles are a much better source of carbs than traditional white flour noodles. (Our bodies turn white flour into a sugar which sticks on our gut! Nobody got time for that!)

 2013-10-16 17.37.07

While the dough is sitting, and noodles are boiling begin cooking the meat.

Thanks to my mom, I had a jar of delicious home made spaghetti sauce from homegrown tomatoes, and  venison.  I hope to get the exact recipe from her to share soon! When I am not so lucky, and don’t have the time to home make sauce, here is what I do.

2013-10-16 17.55.26 

 I recommend ground turkey as a leaner alternative to ground beef. At my house we also used ground venison (my favorite). I like to add garlic powder right into the meat as it is browning. I also add a little finely chopped onion and oregano.  When the meat is almost browned, I add in a jar of red sauce. Like I mentioned before, if using whole wheat noodles, be sure to add a little more sauce than usual.


Once the spaghetti is made, transfer the dough onto a backing sheet.

2013-10-16 18.04.06

Preheat the oven to 350

Lay the spaghetti down thickly through the center of the dough. Leave a couple inches on either side for the braid.

2013-10-16 18.05.16

 Lay a thick layer of mozzarella cheese on top of the pasta.

2013-10-16 18.08.39

No go crazy with the garlic powder here! (I don’t think I did enough the other night, but I think from now on, the more cheese and more garlic the better!)

2013-10-16 17.45.35

Now cut 1 inch thick strips down both of the sides. Raise the strips and bring them to the top. Add a twist for a fancy look. The dough might not stick the way you want, but I assure you, it will stay.

2013-10-16 18.12.47

Now I separated an egg white into a tea cup and lightly crushed the top of the loaf, then added more garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and a sprinkle of oregano.

2013-10-16 18.18.18

Bake at 350 for 30 minuets.

Let sit for 5 or so minuets before serving.

It goes great with a salad, a bottle of wine, and some lovely friends!

 2013-10-16 19.01.09 2013-10-16 19.00.52


Quick Printable instructions:



1 Loaf of Rhodes frozen bread dough

1/2 package of (whole wheat)spaghetti noodles

1 pound of ground turkey (or beef)

1 jar of spaghetti sauce

A bag, or block of Mozzarella cheese

1 egg (just the white)

Garlic Powder


350 degrease for 30 minuets


  • Thaw the frozen loaf  (leave out overnight or place in a bag in warm water
  • Boil water for noodles
  • Roll dough into  12×16 rectangle, place on backing sheet cover with plastic wrap and let sit for remainder of prep time
  • Cook 1/2 package of noodles
  • Pre-heat oven
  • Brown meat (add onion, garlic, and oregano for flavor)
  • Add in sauce (eyeball the amount, add a little extra than usual if using whole wheat noodles)
  • Lay a thick layer of spaghetti down the center of the dough leaving a couple inches on either side for the braid
  • Coat the spaghetti with plenty of mozzarella cheese
  • Sprinkle garlic powder on cheese
  •  cut one inch strips on either side and bring to the top, add a twist for looks
  • Brush the loaf with egg white
  • Sprinkle with more garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and a bit of oregano
  • Bake for 30 minuets at 350 degrees
  • Let cool for 5 minuets
  • Serve with salad and wine!


My pretty Friends

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