Friday Favorites

Hey ya’ll I am taking a quick break from the wedding planning (Ps just 50 more days!)  to share a few Friday favorites with you!

1. Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam

nexxusI use this mousse every day after I shower to give my hair the extra volume it needs. It is a heat protectant so I feel better about blow drying or using styling tools. It doesn’t get hard or crunchy like other mousse products do.

2. Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses


These little morsels might seem innocent, but for a bride -to-be on a diet/exercise plan, they are torture. My internal dialogue: “Oh just one little kiss won’t hurt”….20 kisses later and it looks like I might need another jog around the block.


Make note, giving a future bride a 2qt kitchen canister FULL of these as a shower gift is a wonderful terrible gift. Okay I don’t mean it. I LOVE THEM!


3.This guy


This Friday favorite is coming in town today, and we have a weekend packed full of fun (I might sneak in some wedding work too). I am so excited to see him! The wedding is getting so close and I feel like my heart is about to just beat right out of my chest.

He is my favorite because he can brighten my day with his goofy smile. He is so patient (which has been so incredible for my seemingly high stress levels lately).  He is always searching for ways to improve himself and our relationship. He challenges me to grow and learn. He listens to me AND act on my feelings. He is incredibly strong and inspiring in his beliefs. He is always the first to admit his wrongs and back down from his pride.


I am a lucky girl! (now how about some wine with all that cheese?)


P.s. The wedding series will be starting soon!






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