Wonderful weekend!

This past weekend came at a great time! I had a totally insane couple weeks at work. And after work. And weekends. I was so grateful that Geroge decided to come to KC to spend his pre-birthday weekend with me!

I presented him with a pile of presents (wraped in left over shower boxes and paper hehe).  I outfitted him with a few collared shirts and polos for his work wardrobe. Yes, George will have to trade his signature v-neck t-shirt for something a little more professional. However, the real gift was the planning and booking of our honeymoon which I completed just in time for the weekend. Jamica, we look forward to your sun and beaches!

We spent Friday night with our friends Trent and Katie at an aswome 90’s house warming party.  I was totally impressed with the party and all the details. These guys had  a great playlist from the first 10 NOW C.D.s. Do you remember these? Pogs? My sister and I had a handful, but we never did really know what to do with them.


They also had an entire room of twister, and a ton of 90’s snacks and drinks. What is a 90’s snack you might say? Think gushers, kool-aid jammers, bagel bites, fruit by the foot, tang, air heads, bubble tape. These guys might have a few too many fruit by the foots. Hello sugar high!


Many people dressed up in thier best 90’s fashion… our outfits were a little lame compared to the host’s Justin Timberlake get up.


We spent Saturday running some errands for the wedding and enoying our time together.


I then cooked a fancy birthday dinner using many of my new kitchen goodies! I special thank you to all the ladies who helped celebrate with me at my bridal shower a few weeks back. George and I felt so established eating from real plates, with nice silverware, and crystal glasses. I felt like Rachel Ray in the kitchen preparing coconut shrimp and speghitti squash.

Slide1 Slide2

After our fancy dinner we headed to the BYX dance on the plaza. I tested out the white dress look…


Shameless selfie (Ps did you know “selfie” is the word of the year?)


It was a great weekend! Sunday was a little bitter sweet. It was sad to see him go. We don’t have too much longer, just 45 days!


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