So they say when you get pregnant you get forgetful and scatterbrained. I don’t know about the pregnant part, but I think it must happen before you get married too. My mind is all over the place these days. I have so many to do lists and check lists I need a check list to keep them straight.  This post is in complete reflection of my thoughts…  all over the place.

At my bridal shower I had the cutest outfit with a white dress I borrowed from my friend Katie. I left the dress in KC…4 hours away from the shower. I ended up in STL with nothing but jeans and sweaters. This would have never happened to pre-bridal Julie. Normally I would have the dress, and three back ups. Lucky for me, my mom and I can share clothes and shoes. Even luckier, my sister convinced my mom to buy this cute dress the say before. It all worked out 🙂IMG_6329

Check out this gorgeous quilt my Grandma made for me and George. She is so talented.IMG_6319

Sisters are never too old for sleepovers. Shannon and I shared a room for (too) many years. Now that we don’t see each other all the time we always have so much to talk about when we do. She came to KC for cousin spa day and the night before, we stayed up late like old times chit chatting. I am looking forward to a visit to Dallas to check out her new digs 🙂

2013-11-23 08.30.54


I didn’t take many photos on Thanksgiving, I was too busy enjoying the family. (ps Shannon send me the pics from your camera). Lucky for me, I have very talented family. Cousins Lucy and Lanie preformed a delightful magic show and offered free portraits to follow. This piece of art currently adorns my fridge.  (notice the outfits!)2013-11-28 17.45.48

Yes we went black Friday shopping again this year. Nothing to crazy though. Shannon and I got up early to get free gift cards at Sports Authority and ran to a few more places. Mom had to work…(don’t they know this is a holiday?). She was able to snag a few bargain before heading in, but it just wasn’t the same.2013-11-29 05.26.12

Did I mention I love my family? These lovely ladies had me giggling all night with wine, champagne, lots of sweet snacks, and a really funny charades type game. I am lucky to have grown up close to so much great family close by. I really miss them. It’s been four months since I moved across the state. I have been loving the adventure and learning opportunity, but after a wonderful thanksgiving and shower, great girls night, and bowling for grandpa’s birthday it was hard to leave. I have been feeling kind of home sick this week 😦 2013-11-30 20.54.44

Oh and yes we are on the kitchen floor. There was plenty of couch and table space, but it just happened. When there is good food and good company we will just make ourselves comfy! 2013-11-30 22.20.56


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