Christmas cookies!

The best way to get in the holiday mood? Baking Christmas cookies! In high school, this became my thing. Sure the rest of the family helps, but primarily I run the show.  It’s the best! Usually crank them out on one night, just one batch after another , the sweet aroma fills the house, and I create a constant stream of dishes.  Lucky for me, baking at home means I have a dishes elf (aka Mom). She has a constant stream of dishes making sure the favorite spatula is clean and ready to be used for the next batch.

“Death by chocolate cookies”


This year I had second thoughts about baking. On one hand, I have to fit in a pretty white dress in 24 days. On the other hand, my little kitchen is stocked with wonderful new gadgets just waiting to be put to use! I knew I couldn’t forgo cookies this year when I received an early wedding gift: the kitchen aid mixer! The cookie queen herself (my moms long time friend from work, Kathy)  brought over the gift early knowing it wouldn’t be Christmas without the cookies! She has been bringing over the most delicious baked goods since I was a wee baby.

Unfortunately, my dishes elf is now 4 hours away 😦 . Knowing  an apartment full of cookies would be dangerous for my figure, I called in for some backup.

Girls cookie night with these beautiful ladies!


Baking with the besties!

I am so thankful for all the generous gifts and kitchen gadgets, they made baking even more fun! Check out my Christmas apron made by one of the “cousins”, Kathy, and that shiny new mixer (from the other Kathy).


We made “death by chocolate” cookies and chocolate chip. What are your favorite cookies?




Oh and side note: MK and Elizabeth took self-ies while I did all the work.





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