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The Cake

You know what they say about eating desert first? Well I’m getting a little out of order here…but I have a sweet tooth. Take it as it comes!


Like most girls, I spent hours on Pinterest  gathering ideas for the wedding. I like to say that theme for my wedding  was New Year’s Eve meets Winter Wonderland. My sister just called it the Ke$ha wedding. I wanted royal blue and lots of sparkles.  I found this picture on Pinterest  and it was perfect!


My mom and I went to a couple different bakeries and made other phone calls and ended up choosing McAurter’s Bakery. Their cake was DELICIOUS and they gave me a lot of flexibility with the design, flavors, and filling. To be completely honest. I don’t even remember what flavors we chose. The top layer that I ate was white cake…I think we also had lemon and chocolate and had some strawberry filling too.

Here was the final product! ( We also had a few “kitchen cakes” that were kept in the back so that we could have maximum flavor choices! )


I was so happy with how the cake turned out! The ribbon and bling on the cake were perfect!


We used this silver cake cutter that was a wedding gift from my parents wedding. I loved using little pieces of history incorporated in our special day. Isn’t it pretty?



My mom found this cake topper for us at a craft store (Michael or Joann’s?) Loved the shiny bling!



It was so fresh and delicious! 140104_523

We are not the best at cake cutting….140104_532

We choose to play Sugar Sugar by the Archies while we cut the cake. It was very fitting and fun.


We got a lot of compliments about the cake. McAurther’s was a good choice, we would recommend it for sure.

Some how, we ended up with lots and lots of extra. We brought some of the leftovers back to the hotel for those who were snowed into STL.


More on my wedding series below, and still more to come!


Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatment- Face, Hair, & Nails


Of course I wanted to be as pretty as possible on our special day. I read up on magazines and Pinterest for all the latest beauty treatments and found a few that I thought were really great. To be honest when it came down to the day, I felt like a beautiful princess, best I have ever felt, and I am so happy with how I looked in the pictures…BUT…. I think my best  beauty treatment was the pure happiness I wore all day 🙂 Cheesy I know, but in reality, all of my crazy attention to detail , organized planning, and the help of so many generous people allowed my to relax and completely enjoy the day. I was able soak in the joy of each moment. It was so wonderful being surrounded by all of the people I love.  It was a dream come true to marry my handsome man, and I felt like a dream.  If you have a wedding coming up, or any big event you are prepping for my #1 piece of beauty advice is to enjoy your moment and wear a smile. Tips 2-8 are below hahaha.


  1. I did two types of teeth whiting leading up to the wedding. The first was a two step process that I found on Pinterest that calls for a few ingredients you probably already have in your house. Both of the Pinterest links have been removed but you should be able to see the details below. I alternated these two processes for a few months before.

teethwhite tooth

  1. The second type of tooth whiting was the “Smile Bright System home teeth whiting kit”.


I did a fair bit of research on whitening systems and strips. I read a LOT of great things about the drug store brands such as crest white strips.  I think in the future will give them a try, but I did end up going another route.  I found the  Smile Bright System as a groupon deal that ended up costing the same as crest white strips would have, but it was a professional home system  from a dentist office so I thought I would try it out.  From what I can tell, you can usually find similar deals any time of the year on site like groupon and amazon local.  The kit came with 2 trays that reminded me of mouth guards from my field hockey days. Once I molded them to fit my mouth, I filled the tray whiting gel then kept them in my mouth with the mini led for 30 min to an hour. It looks really cool.IMAG0912

I did notice a difference in my smile, but didn’t use them as often as I should of leading up to the big day. ( I stayed at my parents house for two weeks in STL before the wedding and rarely had a full hour to myself when I could not speak and put in my trays). Still I liked the results and was excited to have the professional kit at the same cost as the dug store price.


  1. Water. I drank more in that last month than in the past year. It works, I was hydrates, glowing, and no breakouts!
  2. A simple  face wash. I am usually all about the strong stuff that makes you tingle, or some type of exfoliator, but for a few days before I used something with no perfumes, dyes, or irritants so I wouldn’t be red or blotchy.  Here are my two current favorites: mary-kay-timewise-3-in-1-cleanser-z1facewash
  3. Microdermabrasion:  The Mary Kay microdermabrasion system is a MUST HAVE for future brides…actually anyone. It is a two part facial that uses teeny tiny beads to exfoliate and polish the skin and then uses a second step that refreshes and renews the skin. Seriously instant glow. I know a lot of middle aged/mature women (how do I say that nicely…older women. There it is, and I mean anyone older than 22, specifically my mom and aunt) who used this system as part of their normal beauty treatment a few times a week to refresh and bring a more youthful glow to their skin.  I only use it for special occasions such as the bridal showers, parties, big dates, and of course the wedding. Confession I have a Mary Kay hookup and get it (and all other products) at a HUGE discount. If you are interested  please email, comment, or message me for more details!microderm
  4. Sleep: Gotta get that sleep! Without sleep you will have more breakouts and dark circles: not a good bride look! Not to mention the crabby attitude that comes with lack of sleep. I had no problem doing after working hard all day at my job, then doing wedding work all evening.
  1. An awesome make-up artist named Katie! She has agreed to share her secrets on how she did my make up to make me look like a million bucks all day long! Stay Posted for her guest-post on all the juicy details! She writes a great life-style blog filled with lots of great beauty tips. 

Hair and Nails

More details on day of due and nails soon, but for months prepping up to the day, here is what I did.

  1. Veggies. Either juicing or green smoothies are the best potion for strong and shiny hair and nails.
  2.  I also took biotin vitamins each day with my usual multi vitamin.  This is supposed to strengthen/ thicken  hair so it can grow longer. I have baby-fine hair that never wants to grow much past my shoulders :(. I didn’t have a good way to measure the changes of my hair when taking the vitamin, but I know people that swear by it.biotin
  3. I also got a hair cut about a month in advance and then drastically limited the damage on my hair.  Damage= blow drying/ curling/straightening.  This was a little hard, because I didn’t want to look like a mess at work, but I wanted my hair to be long and strong with no dead ends on the wedding. This meant planning my showering when I would have time to air dry, and save the styling tools for special occasions only (Christmas, meetings, events, dates etc).

The Final Product!


More on my wedding series below, and still more to come!

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatment: Workouts

Photo by Teddy Menke
Photo by Teddy Menke

I really enjoy being active, eating healthy, and staying fit…or at least the idea of it. Lets be real. Don’t we all get into the swing of things: eating nothing but spinach salads, fruits, and vegies, doing two a day work outs, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Then, just as you think you begin to see the very (and I mean very) faint beginnings of a six pack, you fit back into your skinny jeans, and you are feeling really good about yourself, someone brings cookies into work. You just GOTTA try one, that same day your friend just really needs to talk things out over a margarita after work. Next thing you know, you have stuffed your face with chips and salsa and you give into that craving of ___insert drug food of choice here____. Oh and you missed you work out that night. All of a sudden, you are back at square one.

I wish I had a solution to this. If you do PLEASE let me know! I am still waiting for that trick, but I will share with you what I did for pre-wedding fitness. I must admit, this was a far from perfect process. Seriously, wedding planning is time-consuming, stressful, and cake tasting is involved. How are brides supposed to take that on AND still look perfect? I sure don’t know,  but I tried, and I do think I have some tips worth repeating.


First off, I got myself a blank calendar and used it to document my fitness. Each day I would write down what I did in the box. “Ran 2 miles” “Work out video blah blah blah”. The goal is to have SOMETHING written in each and every box. Give yourself credit for any fitness. Its not good to strain your body every single day, but it IS good to participate in some type of physical activity. Even on those super busy days when you just want to come home and plop on the couch, convince your self to get up and go for a power walk so you don’t have an empty box.  Any activity is better than sitting on your butt, and believe me, I wanted to many days.  When I walked past my calendar and noticed a blank box, it sent me on a guilt trip, that resulting in getting sweaty.

What I do:

I stumbled across a you tube channel with a workout video series I really like. I describe it as a P90X for real people.  Have tried P90x before and give huge props to anyone who has successfully finished it, but to be honest it a little too intense for me. There is a lot of equipment required and HEAVY weights for my petite frame.

What I suggest is this “Be Fit In 90” you tube channel. It is a 90 day system that  only requires a yoga mat (or a towel) and a few light weights (3-5lbs is usually what I use). The program is made up of small 5-15 minuet videos. Each day is a youtube play- list that uses about 4 videos. For example day 1 = (Warm up, Chest Legs & Buns, Fat Burn Cardio, Sports Stretch & Flexibility) which totals for about 40 min work out.  Later on in the week you will use the same videos just in combination with other videos in the system such as:

Back & Shoulders, Cardio MMA, Yoga, Total Body Plyo, Upper body Plyo, Lower body Plyo, and more.

The system does a good job of using different muscle groups each day and allows for scheduled days off.


One thing I really love about it is that since each day is a series of videos if I was REALLY busy and could only work out for 30 mins I could just do a couple videos now and a couple later (I know it’s not as effective, but its better than totally skipping!) I have started this series with a few friends and we have all seen results!

Not going to lie. I didn’t make it all 90 consecutive days before the wedding, but I am picking them back up again now! Join me!

What I eat:

I lived by myself for 5 months before the wedding, so I didn’t cook big meals unless I was inviting friends over to help me eat. My go to meals were spinach salads, tilapia filets, and chicken breasts. I will be posting some of my other  healthy favorite recopies soon.  I think the biggest thing was to go shopping on a fully belly, and not to even buy the unhealthy goods. If they are not in the house then no temptation.  I would also leave my wallet at my desk at lunch so I wouldn’t feel tempted to buy a bag of chips to go with my healthy home-packed lunch.


I also pumped myself with water. Being well hydrated is great for your skin, it flushes crud out of your system, and prepares your body for your work outs. It helped me to always have a water bottle at my desk at work.

One last piece of advice. If you’ve got a pooch/ muffin, like I do, the best way to get rid of it…are you ready?

Cut out the sugar (and sweetener).  It s the hardest thing ever for the first week or two, but once you get past that, you will not even miss it…until you have it again.  But seriously, the fastest results to a flat stomach! Unfortunately for me, I love chocolate, and usually once a month I just gotta have it (if you know what I mean).  But if you can gather up the will power to cut out all soda, juice, candy, deserts, even limit the fruit and stick to the veggies you will see a huge difference.  (Also note that our bodies turn white carbs into sugars so lay off the chips and white bread and go for the whole grains and nuts).

Like I said, I was not perfect (especially around Christmas/ once I got back to STL), but the hard work I had done allowed me to feel confident and pretty in my dress and on beach for the honeymoon:)

Good luck to all you brides out there who are “sweating for the wedding!”

Next up: Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments: Face, Hair, Nails & More

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Blushing Bride Series: Intro


Our. Wedding. Was. Amazing! Better than I could have ever imagined. It was truly such a wonderful day for so many reasons. I have so very much to talk about and so many people to thank who helped to make George and I’s day so very special. It was so cool to see the product of all of our hard work come together so wonderfully.

One of the coolest things about the whole event was that so many of my closest family and friends all came together to celebrate and support me and my husband.  When else in your life will you be surrounded by so much love from people who have helped shape you and your spouse into the people you are at that moment.  I mean think about it. Every other party you go to you may know some people, you may even know the majority of people, but at a wedding you know everyone and everyone is there because they love you! What could be better?

Check out this photo. This was the “small” group of people from the school and church where I grew up. People that taught me, played with me, watched me grow.


I struggle writing this intro to the series to sum up my feelings about the day as a whole. It is just so hard to do, as I was filled with joy the entire day. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if I had tried. Where do I start? I think I may have to jump right in!

Here is what to expect over the next month or so, who knows, there may even be more? I will turn this list into links as I post the dirty details!

  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • The reception Venue
  • The décor
  • The songs
  • The dress
  • The accessories
  • The invites
  • The guest list
  • Our first Dance
  • The honeymoon
  • The wedding party
  • The ceremony
  • The move
  • Registering
  • Changing my last name
  • The photos
  • The snow


Thanks for being patient for my posts! I am busy being a wife and learning what it really means to be married 🙂 ‘

PS Its great! I love my new roomie/ test taster/ smoothie maker/ cuddle bug/ team mate.

At the end of the wedding reception someone said “Wow! Can you believe its all over now?”( I know what she meant. The seven months of my life have been devoted to planning every last detail of this day, and now the planning has come to fruition. Still,) I responded with a “Naw, its just getting started!”. Its true. Things haven’t slowed down for us yet. Every day is a new adventure! George and I had never lived together before. We are learning more about each other  and finding a groove together  (and trying to fit both of our stuff into a tiny apartment).  He is started a new job this week and we are working out the details of our benefits, budgets, daily routines, and of course tacking the thank you notes. Those things might seem dreadful to some, but for me it’s exciting. I am a planner and organizer so yes I get a little trill from the nerd side of me, but most of all each thing we do means that we are growing together and really starting a life together as one!

Series Photo Cred title page to Teddy Menke

Friday Favorities

Writing to you for the first time as Mrs. Terlep! Eeekk! It still seems so weird to me. I am REALLY EXCITED for  a wedding  series I am working on.  I have been capturing  my thoughts, feelings, and special moments of our big day as well as the entire planning process. It’s not quite ready yet as we are still getting settled back in KC  and enjoying our first few weeks as a married couple.

In the mean time I thought I would share a quick post a few “Friday Favorites”.

No favorite products or foods today. Instead, my favorite moments this week 🙂 So far this year has been so filled with joy in the moments big and small I am just trying to soak them in!

My favorite memories of this week:

  • My name was chosen for an attendance prize at a MU engineering alumni happy hour. My thought process and I excitingly walked up to choose my prize. “I just spent every evening this week moving stuff around the tiny apartment to make room for my husband and wedding gifts. We have NO room for ANYTHING 😦 . But I won! 🙂 I can’t turn down free black and gold loot.  Maybe there will be something small? Oh yay! An umbrella…there is still room in my car!!!!!”


Pumped about my new Mizzou umbrella 🙂

  • Getting out of the shower every morning and hearing my husband cranking up the vita mix for a healthy green breakfast smoothie. Did I mention that he hasn’t started work yet and could be sleeping in?
  • Finding out that one of the sweetest girls from MU lives in my city, AND her boyfriend lives in my apartment complex!! Yay for more KC friends 🙂
  • Literally every time I get on Facebook and see photos from our wedding and I get to relive little moments of such a beautiful day. Thank you friends and family for bringing your cameras to the wedding and freezing these little moments of joy 🙂
Photo Cred to Aunt Joan and Katie Hocker
Photo Cred to Aunt Joan and Katie Hocker
Photo cred to Teddy Menke
Photo cred to Teddy Menke Photo cred to Aunt Mime
Photo cred to Aunt Mime
Photo cred to Ed Ferguson
Photo cred to Ed Ferguson


  • Coming home each day to a hug from my this handsome man.
Photo Cred to Teddy Menke
Photo Cred to Teddy Menke

I hope you have had some moments this week worth remembering.

Stay posted for wedding  detes!! To hold over until then, here’s what my sister and  MOH’s had to say about the wedding 🙂

I should be getting some beauty sleep

I should be getting my beauty sleep. It is 11:00 pm and tomorrow is my wedding day! I am so overwhelmed with joy and happiness I want to document these thoughts down before they slip away in the hustle and bustle of the big day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day I have been dreaming about since before I even liked boys. I have always imagined what this day would be like, what I would wear, how I would feel, and most importantly, who I would marry! The last seven months have been making these girly dreams a reality. Tomorrow my wedding fantasies will be realized and seven months of planning will come to an end. Yet tomorrow marks the start of a beautiful journey. The start of a life united with George, my very best friend. I know it sounds cliche, but he is the first one I want to talk to when I am excited, sad, frightened, or confused. He is the one I look forward to sharing all the moments of my life to come.

As the Lord said in Genesis 2:24, I will be united with my husband and two will become one. That is huge! Today I am me, one person, and tomorrow I will join together with George and become one with someone else.From this day forward, my life is joined with his and my decisions and actions are no longer solely my own but that of my family. 

Right now I wish I had more of a gift of getting my thoughts down into type. My heart is exploding with emotions I just don’t know how to describe. I want to remember this feeling as I look back on my life, when things get tough, or when I want to tell my little squinty eyed children about the day I made a promise to their daddy.

I am so excited to see so many people I love all in one place tomorrow. Everyone will be there to celebrate US! The amount of love and support is truly overwhelming. So many loved ones traveling from near and far, braving the weather to help us remember this day!  The well wishes and generosity of our friends and family makes me feel so incredible special and loved.

I must get some sleep now! If you are reading this before Saturday, please say a prayer for those driving, for beautiful weather, and for a smooth day! We really appreciate the love!