I should be getting some beauty sleep

I should be getting my beauty sleep. It is 11:00 pm and tomorrow is my wedding day! I am so overwhelmed with joy and happiness I want to document these thoughts down before they slip away in the hustle and bustle of the big day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day I have been dreaming about since before I even liked boys. I have always imagined what this day would be like, what I would wear, how I would feel, and most importantly, who I would marry! The last seven months have been making these girly dreams a reality. Tomorrow my wedding fantasies will be realized and seven months of planning will come to an end. Yet tomorrow marks the start of a beautiful journey. The start of a life united with George, my very best friend. I know it sounds cliche, but he is the first one I want to talk to when I am excited, sad, frightened, or confused. He is the one I look forward to sharing all the moments of my life to come.

As the Lord said in Genesis 2:24, I will be united with my husband and two will become one. That is huge! Today I am me, one person, and tomorrow I will join together with George and become one with someone else.From this day forward, my life is joined with his and my decisions and actions are no longer solely my own but that of my family. 

Right now I wish I had more of a gift of getting my thoughts down into type. My heart is exploding with emotions I just don’t know how to describe. I want to remember this feeling as I look back on my life, when things get tough, or when I want to tell my little squinty eyed children about the day I made a promise to their daddy.

I am so excited to see so many people I love all in one place tomorrow. Everyone will be there to celebrate US! The amount of love and support is truly overwhelming. So many loved ones traveling from near and far, braving the weather to help us remember this day!  The well wishes and generosity of our friends and family makes me feel so incredible special and loved.

I must get some sleep now! If you are reading this before Saturday, please say a prayer for those driving, for beautiful weather, and for a smooth day! We really appreciate the love! 


12 thoughts on “I should be getting some beauty sleep

  1. With tears I am reading your beautiful thoughts and praying for you right now at 4 a.m., just hours before you say “I do.”

    I could not have picked a more fun, bubbly, beautiful, loving, organized, energetic, woman for my son. But what I love most about you is your commitment to God, to George and to your new life together.

    Always seek God first, with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Allow God to fill your cup to overflowing with his love and it will give you the resources you need to care for and love each other forever.

    I love you dearly and will always want Gods best for you and George. Looking forward to having another daughter and will always support you and your commitment to each other in any way I can.

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