Friday Favorities

Writing to you for the first time as Mrs. Terlep! Eeekk! It still seems so weird to me. I am REALLY EXCITED for  a wedding  series I am working on.  I have been capturing  my thoughts, feelings, and special moments of our big day as well as the entire planning process. It’s not quite ready yet as we are still getting settled back in KC  and enjoying our first few weeks as a married couple.

In the mean time I thought I would share a quick post a few “Friday Favorites”.

No favorite products or foods today. Instead, my favorite moments this week 🙂 So far this year has been so filled with joy in the moments big and small I am just trying to soak them in!

My favorite memories of this week:

  • My name was chosen for an attendance prize at a MU engineering alumni happy hour. My thought process and I excitingly walked up to choose my prize. “I just spent every evening this week moving stuff around the tiny apartment to make room for my husband and wedding gifts. We have NO room for ANYTHING 😦 . But I won! 🙂 I can’t turn down free black and gold loot.  Maybe there will be something small? Oh yay! An umbrella…there is still room in my car!!!!!”


Pumped about my new Mizzou umbrella 🙂

  • Getting out of the shower every morning and hearing my husband cranking up the vita mix for a healthy green breakfast smoothie. Did I mention that he hasn’t started work yet and could be sleeping in?
  • Finding out that one of the sweetest girls from MU lives in my city, AND her boyfriend lives in my apartment complex!! Yay for more KC friends 🙂
  • Literally every time I get on Facebook and see photos from our wedding and I get to relive little moments of such a beautiful day. Thank you friends and family for bringing your cameras to the wedding and freezing these little moments of joy 🙂
Photo Cred to Aunt Joan and Katie Hocker
Photo Cred to Aunt Joan and Katie Hocker
Photo cred to Teddy Menke
Photo cred to Teddy Menke Photo cred to Aunt Mime
Photo cred to Aunt Mime
Photo cred to Ed Ferguson
Photo cred to Ed Ferguson


  • Coming home each day to a hug from my this handsome man.
Photo Cred to Teddy Menke
Photo Cred to Teddy Menke

I hope you have had some moments this week worth remembering.

Stay posted for wedding  detes!! To hold over until then, here’s what my sister and  MOH’s had to say about the wedding 🙂


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