Blushing Bride Series: Intro


Our. Wedding. Was. Amazing! Better than I could have ever imagined. It was truly such a wonderful day for so many reasons. I have so very much to talk about and so many people to thank who helped to make George and I’s day so very special. It was so cool to see the product of all of our hard work come together so wonderfully.

One of the coolest things about the whole event was that so many of my closest family and friends all came together to celebrate and support me and my husband.  When else in your life will you be surrounded by so much love from people who have helped shape you and your spouse into the people you are at that moment.  I mean think about it. Every other party you go to you may know some people, you may even know the majority of people, but at a wedding you know everyone and everyone is there because they love you! What could be better?

Check out this photo. This was the “small” group of people from the school and church where I grew up. People that taught me, played with me, watched me grow.


I struggle writing this intro to the series to sum up my feelings about the day as a whole. It is just so hard to do, as I was filled with joy the entire day. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if I had tried. Where do I start? I think I may have to jump right in!

Here is what to expect over the next month or so, who knows, there may even be more? I will turn this list into links as I post the dirty details!

  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • The reception Venue
  • The décor
  • The songs
  • The dress
  • The accessories
  • The invites
  • The guest list
  • Our first Dance
  • The honeymoon
  • The wedding party
  • The ceremony
  • The move
  • Registering
  • Changing my last name
  • The photos
  • The snow


Thanks for being patient for my posts! I am busy being a wife and learning what it really means to be married 🙂 ‘

PS Its great! I love my new roomie/ test taster/ smoothie maker/ cuddle bug/ team mate.

At the end of the wedding reception someone said “Wow! Can you believe its all over now?”( I know what she meant. The seven months of my life have been devoted to planning every last detail of this day, and now the planning has come to fruition. Still,) I responded with a “Naw, its just getting started!”. Its true. Things haven’t slowed down for us yet. Every day is a new adventure! George and I had never lived together before. We are learning more about each other  and finding a groove together  (and trying to fit both of our stuff into a tiny apartment).  He is started a new job this week and we are working out the details of our benefits, budgets, daily routines, and of course tacking the thank you notes. Those things might seem dreadful to some, but for me it’s exciting. I am a planner and organizer so yes I get a little trill from the nerd side of me, but most of all each thing we do means that we are growing together and really starting a life together as one!

Series Photo Cred title page to Teddy Menke


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