Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatment: Workouts

Photo by Teddy Menke
Photo by Teddy Menke

I really enjoy being active, eating healthy, and staying fit…or at least the idea of it. Lets be real. Don’t we all get into the swing of things: eating nothing but spinach salads, fruits, and vegies, doing two a day work outs, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Then, just as you think you begin to see the very (and I mean very) faint beginnings of a six pack, you fit back into your skinny jeans, and you are feeling really good about yourself, someone brings cookies into work. You just GOTTA try one, that same day your friend just really needs to talk things out over a margarita after work. Next thing you know, you have stuffed your face with chips and salsa and you give into that craving of ___insert drug food of choice here____. Oh and you missed you work out that night. All of a sudden, you are back at square one.

I wish I had a solution to this. If you do PLEASE let me know! I am still waiting for that trick, but I will share with you what I did for pre-wedding fitness. I must admit, this was a far from perfect process. Seriously, wedding planning is time-consuming, stressful, and cake tasting is involved. How are brides supposed to take that on AND still look perfect? I sure don’t know,  but I tried, and I do think I have some tips worth repeating.


First off, I got myself a blank calendar and used it to document my fitness. Each day I would write down what I did in the box. “Ran 2 miles” “Work out video blah blah blah”. The goal is to have SOMETHING written in each and every box. Give yourself credit for any fitness. Its not good to strain your body every single day, but it IS good to participate in some type of physical activity. Even on those super busy days when you just want to come home and plop on the couch, convince your self to get up and go for a power walk so you don’t have an empty box.  Any activity is better than sitting on your butt, and believe me, I wanted to many days.  When I walked past my calendar and noticed a blank box, it sent me on a guilt trip, that resulting in getting sweaty.

What I do:

I stumbled across a you tube channel with a workout video series I really like. I describe it as a P90X for real people.  Have tried P90x before and give huge props to anyone who has successfully finished it, but to be honest it a little too intense for me. There is a lot of equipment required and HEAVY weights for my petite frame.

What I suggest is this “Be Fit In 90” you tube channel. It is a 90 day system that  only requires a yoga mat (or a towel) and a few light weights (3-5lbs is usually what I use). The program is made up of small 5-15 minuet videos. Each day is a youtube play- list that uses about 4 videos. For example day 1 = (Warm up, Chest Legs & Buns, Fat Burn Cardio, Sports Stretch & Flexibility) which totals for about 40 min work out.  Later on in the week you will use the same videos just in combination with other videos in the system such as:

Back & Shoulders, Cardio MMA, Yoga, Total Body Plyo, Upper body Plyo, Lower body Plyo, and more.

The system does a good job of using different muscle groups each day and allows for scheduled days off.


One thing I really love about it is that since each day is a series of videos if I was REALLY busy and could only work out for 30 mins I could just do a couple videos now and a couple later (I know it’s not as effective, but its better than totally skipping!) I have started this series with a few friends and we have all seen results!

Not going to lie. I didn’t make it all 90 consecutive days before the wedding, but I am picking them back up again now! Join me!

What I eat:

I lived by myself for 5 months before the wedding, so I didn’t cook big meals unless I was inviting friends over to help me eat. My go to meals were spinach salads, tilapia filets, and chicken breasts. I will be posting some of my other  healthy favorite recopies soon.  I think the biggest thing was to go shopping on a fully belly, and not to even buy the unhealthy goods. If they are not in the house then no temptation.  I would also leave my wallet at my desk at lunch so I wouldn’t feel tempted to buy a bag of chips to go with my healthy home-packed lunch.


I also pumped myself with water. Being well hydrated is great for your skin, it flushes crud out of your system, and prepares your body for your work outs. It helped me to always have a water bottle at my desk at work.

One last piece of advice. If you’ve got a pooch/ muffin, like I do, the best way to get rid of it…are you ready?

Cut out the sugar (and sweetener).  It s the hardest thing ever for the first week or two, but once you get past that, you will not even miss it…until you have it again.  But seriously, the fastest results to a flat stomach! Unfortunately for me, I love chocolate, and usually once a month I just gotta have it (if you know what I mean).  But if you can gather up the will power to cut out all soda, juice, candy, deserts, even limit the fruit and stick to the veggies you will see a huge difference.  (Also note that our bodies turn white carbs into sugars so lay off the chips and white bread and go for the whole grains and nuts).

Like I said, I was not perfect (especially around Christmas/ once I got back to STL), but the hard work I had done allowed me to feel confident and pretty in my dress and on beach for the honeymoon:)

Good luck to all you brides out there who are “sweating for the wedding!”

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