Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatment- Face, Hair, & Nails


Of course I wanted to be as pretty as possible on our special day. I read up on magazines and Pinterest for all the latest beauty treatments and found a few that I thought were really great. To be honest when it came down to the day, I felt like a beautiful princess, best I have ever felt, and I am so happy with how I looked in the pictures…BUT…. I think my best  beauty treatment was the pure happiness I wore all day 🙂 Cheesy I know, but in reality, all of my crazy attention to detail , organized planning, and the help of so many generous people allowed my to relax and completely enjoy the day. I was able soak in the joy of each moment. It was so wonderful being surrounded by all of the people I love.  It was a dream come true to marry my handsome man, and I felt like a dream.  If you have a wedding coming up, or any big event you are prepping for my #1 piece of beauty advice is to enjoy your moment and wear a smile. Tips 2-8 are below hahaha.


  1. I did two types of teeth whiting leading up to the wedding. The first was a two step process that I found on Pinterest that calls for a few ingredients you probably already have in your house. Both of the Pinterest links have been removed but you should be able to see the details below. I alternated these two processes for a few months before.

teethwhite tooth

  1. The second type of tooth whiting was the “Smile Bright System home teeth whiting kit”.


I did a fair bit of research on whitening systems and strips. I read a LOT of great things about the drug store brands such as crest white strips.  I think in the future will give them a try, but I did end up going another route.  I found the  Smile Bright System as a groupon deal that ended up costing the same as crest white strips would have, but it was a professional home system  from a dentist office so I thought I would try it out.  From what I can tell, you can usually find similar deals any time of the year on site like groupon and amazon local.  The kit came with 2 trays that reminded me of mouth guards from my field hockey days. Once I molded them to fit my mouth, I filled the tray whiting gel then kept them in my mouth with the mini led for 30 min to an hour. It looks really cool.IMAG0912

I did notice a difference in my smile, but didn’t use them as often as I should of leading up to the big day. ( I stayed at my parents house for two weeks in STL before the wedding and rarely had a full hour to myself when I could not speak and put in my trays). Still I liked the results and was excited to have the professional kit at the same cost as the dug store price.


  1. Water. I drank more in that last month than in the past year. It works, I was hydrates, glowing, and no breakouts!
  2. A simple  face wash. I am usually all about the strong stuff that makes you tingle, or some type of exfoliator, but for a few days before I used something with no perfumes, dyes, or irritants so I wouldn’t be red or blotchy.  Here are my two current favorites: mary-kay-timewise-3-in-1-cleanser-z1facewash
  3. Microdermabrasion:  The Mary Kay microdermabrasion system is a MUST HAVE for future brides…actually anyone. It is a two part facial that uses teeny tiny beads to exfoliate and polish the skin and then uses a second step that refreshes and renews the skin. Seriously instant glow. I know a lot of middle aged/mature women (how do I say that nicely…older women. There it is, and I mean anyone older than 22, specifically my mom and aunt) who used this system as part of their normal beauty treatment a few times a week to refresh and bring a more youthful glow to their skin.  I only use it for special occasions such as the bridal showers, parties, big dates, and of course the wedding. Confession I have a Mary Kay hookup and get it (and all other products) at a HUGE discount. If you are interested  please email, comment, or message me for more details!microderm
  4. Sleep: Gotta get that sleep! Without sleep you will have more breakouts and dark circles: not a good bride look! Not to mention the crabby attitude that comes with lack of sleep. I had no problem doing after working hard all day at my job, then doing wedding work all evening.
  1. An awesome make-up artist named Katie! She has agreed to share her secrets on how she did my make up to make me look like a million bucks all day long! Stay Posted for her guest-post on all the juicy details! She writes a great life-style blog filled with lots of great beauty tips. 

Hair and Nails

More details on day of due and nails soon, but for months prepping up to the day, here is what I did.

  1. Veggies. Either juicing or green smoothies are the best potion for strong and shiny hair and nails.
  2.  I also took biotin vitamins each day with my usual multi vitamin.  This is supposed to strengthen/ thicken  hair so it can grow longer. I have baby-fine hair that never wants to grow much past my shoulders :(. I didn’t have a good way to measure the changes of my hair when taking the vitamin, but I know people that swear by it.biotin
  3. I also got a hair cut about a month in advance and then drastically limited the damage on my hair.  Damage= blow drying/ curling/straightening.  This was a little hard, because I didn’t want to look like a mess at work, but I wanted my hair to be long and strong with no dead ends on the wedding. This meant planning my showering when I would have time to air dry, and save the styling tools for special occasions only (Christmas, meetings, events, dates etc).

The Final Product!


More on my wedding series below, and still more to come!


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