The Cake

You know what they say about eating desert first? Well I’m getting a little out of order here…but I have a sweet tooth. Take it as it comes!


Like most girls, I spent hours on Pinterest  gathering ideas for the wedding. I like to say that theme for my wedding  was New Year’s Eve meets Winter Wonderland. My sister just called it the Ke$ha wedding. I wanted royal blue and lots of sparkles.  I found this picture on Pinterest  and it was perfect!


My mom and I went to a couple different bakeries and made other phone calls and ended up choosing McAurter’s Bakery. Their cake was DELICIOUS and they gave me a lot of flexibility with the design, flavors, and filling. To be completely honest. I don’t even remember what flavors we chose. The top layer that I ate was white cake…I think we also had lemon and chocolate and had some strawberry filling too.

Here was the final product! ( We also had a few “kitchen cakes” that were kept in the back so that we could have maximum flavor choices! )


I was so happy with how the cake turned out! The ribbon and bling on the cake were perfect!


We used this silver cake cutter that was a wedding gift from my parents wedding. I loved using little pieces of history incorporated in our special day. Isn’t it pretty?



My mom found this cake topper for us at a craft store (Michael or Joann’s?) Loved the shiny bling!



It was so fresh and delicious! 140104_523

We are not the best at cake cutting….140104_532

We choose to play Sugar Sugar by the Archies while we cut the cake. It was very fitting and fun.


We got a lot of compliments about the cake. McAurther’s was a good choice, we would recommend it for sure.

Some how, we ended up with lots and lots of extra. We brought some of the leftovers back to the hotel for those who were snowed into STL.


More on my wedding series below, and still more to come!


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