Back to the Present

Interrupting this wedding series for a quick real life update. 😉 I have been having so much fun writing about all the details of 1/4/14, but I’ve really been missing writing about my life right now. Lately, my drive for blogging has been a little low and I think it may be time to move on to real life. I expect a few more wedding posts in the future. Think less schedule…like little surprises when I am having post wedding blues.

So, the last 86 days since the wedding…where have I been, and what have I been up to? Good question. Long story short:

Marriage has been an adventure, responsibilities at work have increased, I’ve been cooking more than ever (now that I have someone to help me eat it :), and we have been trying to enjoy the little previews of spring as they come.

But you all know I never tell short stories 😛

So might as well get into it! George and I went to our wedding together since our own.

IMAG1249I have an entirely new appreciation for weddings now that I have planned one. I couldn’t help but take notice of all the  beautiful little details. We were so thankful to be invited to celebrate with Kristen and Tyson and their families. Such a lovely event! I got a good workout on the dance floor with my main lady Banoo.

We also took this embarrassing snapchat selfie. Muahaha


Of course I forgot to take pictures at the reception but I snapped  a few of the crew after the ceremony.

Handsome men. Me missed one with Nathan 😦




You know you had a good night out when you wake up with a black eye…or two of them. Yes, its true. I caught an elbow to the face on the dance floor, not to name names coughnathancough. It didn’t seem to hurt to bad at the time. The pain must have been masked by the music, smiles, and maybe a little wine. Sure enough waking up in the morning both eyes were a little black and blue…nothing a little makeup couldn’t cover for the day. Two days later I’m practically back to new.

Also notice my shoes 😦  The little silk flower/bows fell off. Boo hoo…. Know what that means? Mom, it’s time to come to KC for a shopping weekend.

Hey look, me and the hubby (Still getting used to calling him my “husband”)



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