The time my bathroom tried to wash it’s self

The Terlep newlywed suite is… well on the small side. We have been creative with our storage in our one bedroom apartment, and have tired to limit those things we don’t need right now. We are lucky to have a washer and dryer in the unit. I know many one bedroom places do not.  However, like our apartment, the machines are  tiny. You know? those little stack-able ones. The ones that are full when you only have 2 towels and a couple of shirts. These ones.



We store our detergent and other laundry items on top of the machines. It’s not ideal for a shortly like me, but closet space is precious.


Well the other day, Geroge was out, so I spent a few hours washing little loads and watching girly T V (the wife life). I threw a load onto the dryer on my way out to a good friends house for dinner.


On my way back into the apartment I bee line for the bathroom, open the door and SPLAT. I step in to a big sticky puddle of fresh smelling detergent.


I guess the dryer got a little unbalanced and shook the detergent off the top, and onto the floor. Just enough force to crack the lid and EXPLODE all over! It looked like someone had murdered a blue alien  in my bathroom. Slimy blue splatters covered the wall and door…and now my shoes.


My bathroom decided had decided it wanted a good scrub. And scrub I did. Luckily I still had dirty clothes left, and could wipe up the mess with some towels and just toss them in. Even after the mess was up, it still seemed a bit sticky, so I got a rag wet and went over it again. Just incase you aren’t aware, detergent makes a lot of bubbles.


Usually George cleans the bathroom, and I do the laundry but looks like he got the day off 😛


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