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Cars, Girl Power, and Supermen

I believe that all women should have some knowledge about cars.  I can proudly say that I can change a flat tire and check tire pressure and fill if needed. I know how to check all my fluids; I know which is which, where they go, and generally what they do.  I can identify many parts under my hood, and even trouble shoot many strange sounds. I could even change my own oil.  I can thank this partly to driving a beater car for six years, but mostly I can credit this to the super men in my life.

My dad has always been a handy man. He likes to get his hands dirty and fix or build things himself. This definitely has saved my family a lot of money in home and car repairs. I also think it keeps him sharp. 😉 He may work a desk job and sit in front of a computer all day, but when he comes home he tinkers and fixes.

It is great to have Dad to come to the rescue when it comes to car issues, but what is even better than a dad who can save the day? A dad who can teach his daughter to take care of herself. I never realized it growing up, but when Dad asked for my help in the workshop or in the garage, I don’t think he usually  needed the help of is little blonde bug. Rather than just fixing my problem, he empowered me with the knowledge and ability to do it myself the next time. Last fall I went to STL for a weekend  and knew my car needed an oil change. It would have been much easier and faster for him to have changed it himself and on his schedule, but he waited for me to wake up and  took the time to sit with me and explain what and how he did it. He shared his trade secrets and passed on the knowledge.

Father Daughter Dance 2009
Father Daughter Dance 2009

With that same patience, he taught me how to change a tire, stain, sand, and so much more. Am I a pro? No way! But do I feel confident enough to tackle a job on my own? Yes!

They say you marry someone like your dad. I never really thought about that much before this winter when my battery died on a cold winter day. The wind-chill was in the negatives and the ground covered in snow. I didn’t cry or panic or feel helpless at all.  Thanks to my dad, I know how to jump and replace a battery. That doesn’t mean I like to, especially in below freezing weather.  Lucky, my husband has a serving heart and quickly volunteered brave the weather and jump (and eventually replace) the battery. It was then that I noticed the same patience and service in my husband that I have seen in my dad for my whole life. George offered to allow me to go inside and stay warm, but if I didn’t know how to jump a car he would be glad to teach me.


Similar to when I blew a tire last fall. It was late and blew a tire. I could have changed it myself, but it being late and dark, I knew it was smart to call George for a little help. Together we changed the tire, I knew I could count on him to come and make sure I was safe (and help me loosen the lug-nut that wouldn’t budge). Or that time when he went out in the rain and replaced my windshield wipers to ensure a safe drive to work in the morning after I mentioned how bad they were.

I know that both my dad and my husband will drop what they are doing to help me and serve me in any way that they can. I often take advantage of that by expecting them to handle the “man jobs”. I am so thankful that both of the men in my life care so much that they not only serve me, but also aim to provide me with the tools to serve myself if need be. You know the saying? The one that is something like: “You can give a man a fish and he will be full for the day, you can teach a man to fish and he will be full for life”. Well thank you for teaching me to fish. 🙂

Me bundled up "helping"

Me bundled up “helping”.

Thank you Dad and George for always teaching me to fish. And for fishing for me when its too cold to feel my hands! Thanks for being my real life supermen.


Welcoming the Whitneys to the future + Snap- sterpieces

We’ve got some big news for the Whitney family! It’s official, the family is getting smart phones! Typically the Whitneys boycott technology for as long as possible. Mom is always convinced that the latest gadgets are a fad. We were late to the cell phone game and even later to smart phones (not to mention computers, video games, call waiting, and cable). I got a little head start getting my fancy phone at graduation, but now the rest are jumping on board as well.

So expect to see a little more Whitney on [the] line 😉


Now to what I really came here to talk about…I told mom I couldn’t wait to snap chat her. Her response “What is snap chat?”

Well I don’t think y’all need a lesson on snap chat, but I have a special snap treat for you.  Please let me introduce the one and only Snap artist Sydney. One of my besties in KC. Not only does she take a mean selfie, but she has a talent to add finger flair. Yes, all the images below  were drawn by her finger on her iphone in snap chat.  Now that’s some creativity + raw talent.

Meet Sydney 



IMG_1184 IMG_2226 IMG_3289 IMG_4503 IMG_5812 IMG_6446 IMG_9662 Screenshot_2014-01-24-14-40-46 Screenshot_2014-02-28-09-55-06 Screenshot_2014-03-06-16-58-34

Screenshot_2014-03-18-14-13-49 Screenshot_2014-03-18-14-14-03 Screenshot_2014-03-21-10-56-58 Screenshot_2014-04-04-15-30-47



Keep snaping! 1016549_2332862843521_1788221250_n


Oh and here’s a bonus!

George’s potato head



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