Welcoming the Whitneys to the future + Snap- sterpieces

We’ve got some big news for the Whitney family! It’s official, the family is getting smart phones! Typically the Whitneys boycott technology for as long as possible. Mom is always convinced that the latest gadgets are a fad. We were late to the cell phone game and even later to smart phones (not to mention computers, video games, call waiting, and cable). I got a little head start getting my fancy phone at graduation, but now the rest are jumping on board as well.

So expect to see a little more Whitney on [the] line 😉


Now to what I really came here to talk about…I told mom I couldn’t wait to snap chat her. Her response “What is snap chat?”

Well I don’t think y’all need a lesson on snap chat, but I have a special snap treat for you.  Please let me introduce the one and only Snap artist Sydney. One of my besties in KC. Not only does she take a mean selfie, but she has a talent to add finger flair. Yes, all the images below  were drawn by her finger on her iphone in snap chat.  Now that’s some creativity + raw talent.

Meet Sydney 



IMG_1184 IMG_2226 IMG_3289 IMG_4503 IMG_5812 IMG_6446 IMG_9662 Screenshot_2014-01-24-14-40-46 Screenshot_2014-02-28-09-55-06 Screenshot_2014-03-06-16-58-34

Screenshot_2014-03-18-14-13-49 Screenshot_2014-03-18-14-14-03 Screenshot_2014-03-21-10-56-58 Screenshot_2014-04-04-15-30-47



Keep snaping! 1016549_2332862843521_1788221250_n


Oh and here’s a bonus!

George’s potato head



Julie A. Bug


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