Hot in herre

  This week has been one of the hottest this summer in KC, so of course our AC decided to stop working. I love the summer and love the heat. I am one of those few people that would rather be too hot than too cold. Cold is miserable, hot is more bearable to me. This week got me pretty close to changing my mind. The AC stopped working Saturday night, George noticed right away, I didn’t start feeling the heat until after church on Sunday.


Our new house has a pretty unique layout with 4 levels. Our bedroom is on highest level and it was seriously sweltering. Unbearably hot even with the fan on high. We moved some bedding into the basement to stay cool. We thought just one hot night before we could get it fixed…one night turned into 4 sticky sweaty nights. (The AC company was super busy and then they had to order a part). Getting home from work to a hot house is the worst! I barely made it though the door before I was stripping down to my skivvies. I mean it was HOTTTTT! I took this pic of the clock…88 degrees INSIDE.


It ended up getting to 90, and maxed out. It was probably even hotter. Uck.


Coconut oil, melted.

Bag of chocolate chips, a mush brown mess.

Candles sticky and drooping.

Sweat in the dinners I ccooked.

A really hot selfie of me. Ger it? Don’t I look hot?


Wednesday they were finally able to hook us up with some AC. I sat on the vent just chilling in the  breeze as the house began to cool down. When I left to head for an appointment, it was 84.

The best 84 has ever felt.



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