Fall is in the Air

I only have like 548738503 half written posts that have gone unfinished. This working woman has been staying busy. I am determined to get a post out this week so here it is. Please pardon the rushed nature 🙂

Like usual, Missouri weather is all over the place. The week has really felt like the beginning of fall. The cool weather has rolled right in (who knows if its here to stay or just visiting).  Normally I am the one begging summer to stay a few extra weeks, but after our AC troubles a few weeks back, I guess I am okay trading the swim suit for a light jacket. Why couldn’t the AC have waited a few weeks to die on us?!?

One good thing about fall? Boots!!! I am so excited to bring out my boot collection. I have already been eyeing the styles this fall. I got a pair like these on super sale at the end of the season. I was so excited to wear them this week. I think I will be looking for a good deal on something like these for my next boot investment 🙂

The weather was appropriate for some college football. The weekend was spent in Columbia to watch the MU Tigers  beat the…the…oh goodness I don’t know who we played. I’m the worst football fan ever. Go Sports! I was there I swear…but I am a little more into the tail gates and team spirit than actually watching the boys of fall.

My idea of a football weekend looks more like this:


Peach Mimosas at the tailgate 🙂

I flew in straight from a business trip. Having packed over a week ago, I was not prepared with my fall team wardrobe. Thank goodness Shannon still has plenty of black and gold options in her room in the Lou.

Shameless selfie thanking the big sis for letting me borrow some clothes. (Some things never change).


I am also excited to bake a few fall favorites now that the temps are dropping. I tried out a new recipe last night that was a total hit. I am not usually a sweet potato fan, but I keep trying to work them in since they are packed with all kinds of healthy-ness. I didn’t snap a pic (we were to hungry)  before we dug in, but you can see the recipe I used here. It’s called “Crunchy Sweet Potato Casserole“. If I were in the food naming business I would probably call them “Yummy Mashed Sweet Potatoes”. In a strive to be healthy, I cut the amount of brown sugar in the recipe by almost half (and used a little less butter). (I also don’t know what egg substitute is, and I don’t care to know. Instead I opted for two eggs and a splash of extra milk). I used the vita-mix to mix and mash the potatoes after boiling. I also added a little extra vanilla. Yummy!  This was seriously the best way I have ever eaten sweet potatoes. Check it out.

Picture from original website: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/makeover-crunchy-sweet-potato-casserole
Picture from original website: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/makeover-crunchy-sweet-potato-casserole

Oh and if the temps rise try this no-bake treat. It is great for tail gates and watch parties too. I made this cheese cake dip for George’s watch party when I was out of town. I even tinted it gold for the tigers and served with vanilla wafers and gram crackers.


Do you have any favorite fall eats? I’d love to try them 🙂


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