Throw Back Thursday Artist Edition

Before I knew I wanted to work with computers, I explored a few potential career options. The remains of my exploration in the art world are on display at the Whitney Home for the Finer Arts. I was able to pull a few rarely seen sketches from the archives to share with you all today. I hope you enjoy 🙂

This is obviously an accurate self portrait of me in my early days. Based on my historical analysis, this piece was created somewhere between 1995 and 1996 based on the lack of cursive, but obvious monkey tails on the penmanship. The long bob with “fountain pony tail” hair style was also in during this time frame as I was focused on growing out the bowl cut. IMAG1937

See the resemblance? (Sorry I was unable to fine a better photo with the famous fountain pony. I will have to make a trip back to pull one from the archives.) Below you will see the “bowl with a bow”.

side by side

Ahhh! I found one! A little, blurry one, but here is the fountain.


Next up is a piece of genre art depicting the family of Whitney on a typical Sunday morning.

Pictured from right to left (Myself- note the bob (fountain ponies were too trendy for church), Shannon-She always had longer hair than me, Baby William, Lynne- who was still rocking the perm, Mark- who ALWAYS sits on the isle)


And lastly is the draft of the unpublished how to draw book entitled ” Julie’s Easy as Pie Book”. Sadly this book was never sent to publishing as I began to focus my talents elsewhere.


My early days of art using my preferred medium of crayons. My cousin, Molly, is perfecting the straw method of coloring.


Hope you liked my #tbt. Lets see yours 🙂


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