George Turns 24!

Today is my husband’s 24th birthday! Whoooo!!!  Here is a little tribute to him. Below are some some well known bits, and some best kept secrets about my handsome husband, favorite person, and love of my life: George Austin Terlep.IMAG0389

  • Starting with the obvious: He LOVES Dr. Pepper. If it came in human form, he would have married it. He swears he can taste all 23 flavors of deliciousness.
    Dr. Pepper toast at the wedding
    Dr. Pepper toast at the wedding

    140104_507 He has a definitive ranking of  which restaurants and fast food joints have the best Dr. Pepper. If you think that a Dr. Pepper taste the same no matter where you go, you would most definitely be WRONG! (if you are wondering, straight from the can is the best)

    We were Doctor+Pepper for Halloween. Get it?
    We were Doctor+Pepper for Halloween. Get it?
  • I’d like to start off the second item by mentioning that George and I have a very trusting and committed relationship. BUT. There is one person I fear that some day my husband may run off with. It’s not some ex girl friend from his past. It’s Trent Raines. IMAG0835 140104_412IMAG0251 148865_1545686844601_3953463_n

199601_4044590435434_1906196721_n These two have a love affair that can not be put into words. They are two peas in a pod that have SO much in common (including their  passion for the  Lord and their obsession for Dr. Pepper, the latest tech gadgets, and marrying  beautiful women ha). Luckily Trent’s wife, Katie,  is awesome and we can bond while the boys are off getting their bro time in. George didn’t grow up with a brother,  but there is no doubt that God gave George a brother in Trent.140104_358

Oh and a little bonus story: I do not kid. On our honeymoon we were relaxing on the beach with pina coladas in hand, and my brand new husband looks at me and says. “Wow this is paradise. The only thing that could make this better is if Trent were here too”.  ON OUR HONEYMOON! My jaw dropped and he quickly added, “…and Katie too of  course. You guys could paint each others nails or something”.

We could get Trent a coozie that says "Mr.'s Best Man"
We could get Trent a coozie that says “Mr.’s Best Man”

Looks like we may need to plan a  double date vacation sometime.

Just imagine Trent jumping in on this honeymoon selfie.
Just imagine Trent jumping in on this honeymoon selfie.
  • He is a true Royals fan. I’m not sure why a kid who lives about half way between KC and Cardinal Nation would pick the Royals, but George did. Even when they loose  (aka the last 35 years) he wears his blue proud. This October was a VERY exciting time in our house. IMAG1720 IMAG2082 IMAG2074
  • George is a night owl. In college staying up until 4am then sleeping in until noon was his normal. His big-boy job puts a little damper on that schedule, but some times he is still a little hard to wake up in the mornings.

    George in the mornings :)
    George in the mornings 🙂
  • I do most of the cooking in the house, but every morning George makes a healthy breakfast . Green smoothies for the win!

    Green, or brown, or purple smoothies depending on the veggies!
    Green, or brown, or purple smoothies depending on the veggies!
  • He also has become a pro griller. His specialties are Hawaiian chicken kabobs and the most mouth watering salmon known to man kind. I don’t know how he does it, but you should come over and try it for yourself. IMAG1687
    Remember that time he made ALL the hot dogs.
    Remember that time he made ALL the hot dogs.

    (oh and chocolate covered strawberries for desert!)IMAG1222

  • George started the duck faceIMAG1824
  • To his family, he is known as George Austin or GA…sometimes when his is being silly I call him Austin George. His camp friends know him as just Austin. Sometimes it can get confusing.

    "Austin" at his favorite place.
    “Austin” at his favorite place.
  • He’s handy. Since we’ve moved he has replaced/installed all kinds of things in the house. He has also changed a lot of tires and batteries since I’ve known him.IMAG1743 215341_1539977421605_5145880_n IMAG1215 1408507740673
  • He’s a nerd. We met at engineering school so it’s to be expected. When I say nerd, I mean really really smart…and a total nerd 🙂

    Spring breaking with engineering friends
    Spring breaking with engineering friends
  • He can dance. He’s got to be in a good mood, and surrounded by people that make him feel comfortable, but when he is, he can really cut a rug. Remember this? He learned this dance in just 1 day!IMG_279295166960829 1536731_733127453373145_1262629692_n 140104_671
  • He like games. Playing sports, video games, backgammon, yard games, you name it. He is pretty competitive and likes to win. Good thing he usually does. IMAG1707He  thinks he’s good at corn hole, but we all know I carry the team.
  • He claims he doesn’t like to cuddle, but sometimes (when it’s cold) I wake up like this (and I love it).

    love me some cuddles!
    love me some cuddles!
  • He likes Pretty Little Liars. He claims he just watches it with me, but we all know he wants to find out who A is just as much as all the other teen age girls.

    George channeling his teenage girl...hes going to kill me for this!
    George channeling his teenage girl…hes going to kill me for this!
  • A kid at Chuckie cheese = George at Dave and busters. And the best prize? Giant slinkies!IMAG1319
  • He has a hard time keeping his eyes open in pictures. 427939_3875862457535_1440106692_n306412_2252987646679_951607280_n

All funny things aside, I am so lucky to have George in my life. He is a brilliant man who is slow to anger and full of love and understanding. Above all, George challenges me to be a better person through his honestly, patience, commitment, and strength.  I have the privilege to spend my life with him.

Dunn River Falls
Dunn River Falls


IMAG1960 IMAG1837 IMAG1611 IMAG1249 IMAG1084 IMAG1074  IMAG0420  IMAG0272 180510_1627317285311_2941277_n 196367_1668768081555_6361025_n

Our first real date. The one that changed my life :)
Our first real date. The one that changed my life 🙂

Here’s to many more!


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