Hello and welcome to my own little space on the internet! I am excited to enter into the blogging world. Bear with me as I learn and discover how this works. Between my engineering degree, and my total lack of spelling skills, it is safe to say I am a woman of numbers rather than words. But who’s to say I have to stick to just numbers? I am jumping into a brand new chapter of my life with so many exciting changes on my horizon, and I want to document and savor every moment and feeling along the way. So, please, join me in this journey, share with me, and learn with me!

So I have been thinking about starting this blog up for a while, those creative juices have been flowing and I don’t even know where to begin. So I guess I will start with a little bit about me: I am first a foremost a Christian girl. My faith is a constantly developing am excited to share my thoughts here as I grow and gain wisdom from others.


I am a small blonde girl with a bubbly personality, but don’t let my appearance fool you. I am a total nerd with a computer engineering degree (go tigers!).


I love being outdoors, playing sports (field hockey is my thing), running, fishing, camping, really anything that lets me get some fresh air. I have a great family and so many wonderful friends who I love spending time with. I think relationships are a huge part of life, and I love meeting new people.

Well I don’t want to spill all my secrets on my first post :) Stay tuned over the next few months to hear about my exciting summer trips to San Fransisco, South Africa, and boating trips, my transition to my first full time job, a move to a brand new city, my very first apartment to myself, and one more secret…but I guess you will have to check back for that ;)

Thanks for reading



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