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Music: Our First Dance

George is an easy going guy, and didn’t have many opinions on the wedding decisions (the colors, the menu ect) so when he made a suggestion for our first dance I was excited for him to have a say.


We had heard the song at a Need to Breathe concert featuring Ben Rector.  Ben had also worked at the same camps that Geroge had work at, and was a bit of a local celebrity. The song is called “Forever Like that”.  It was a perfect soft song with sweet lyrics.


“I wanna love you, forever I do. I wanna spend all of my days with you. I’ll carry your burdens and be the wind at your back. I wanna spend my forever – forever like that.”


Still leading up to the wedding I couldn’t kick the idea of a choreographed dance.  My sister and I worked on one for my cousins wedding a few summers back. It was just so much fun. I think it also brought some variety to he series of slow dances and kept the attention of the guests.

All my CJA girls know how I love a good choreographed dance . Our Junior year in high school  I helped to choreograph and teach 150 girls a dance to Christina Million AM to PM. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but it was  hit. Growing up my friends and I would love to create dance moves to the hot Backstreet Boys songs and practice our moves with Daron’s Dance grooves.

I came across a perfect song choice and some inspiration, and had to push a little to get the other half on board. We came up with the moves (loosely based off a dancing with the stars routine) and got them down in just a couple of nights pre- wedding. Since we were living in different cities we didn’t have the option of practicing much in advance. It was tricky doing spins in that dress and with big heels, but we made it work. It really meant a lot to me  when George worked so hard to take part in something I love, even when he claims not to be a good dancer. You be the judge.




So we ended up with this as our first dance and then invited the rest of the bridal party to join us for a traditional slow dance to “Forever Like That”.

It turns out our DJ got a little confused and played the wrong song, then corrected himself. Our poor bridal party slow danced with each other for almost two songs straight. (Since most of them had significant others that were not part of our party, I am sure it was a little on the awkward side. Lucky they are all great sports!)




Moral of the story we did both dances and it was wonderful! I also learned something new about George in the process. He has the moves. He was very hesitant about it at first,  but once he committed he worked really hard to make sure that everything was perfect. He practiced the steps until his footing was absolutely on point. Doing it half -way was not an option. Once I saw this in the performance, and I see it in his everyday choices . He made a commitment to me when we said our vows, and I know that he will continue working hard in our relationship for our marriage to be on point!


More on my wedding series below, and still more to come!