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Something Old, Something New…

Something Old

Everyone knows that saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” and if a bride wears all four she will have good luck on her wedding day. Well I couldn’t risk the good luck! Here is my something old and something new 🙂


I wore the same veil that my mom wore when she married my dad 27 years ago.

232323232-fp53489-nu=6284-798-239-WSNRCG=368953;99-32-nu0mrjBefore we went dress shopping, my mom, sister and I all tried on my mom’s dress and veil. The veil was attached to a huge head piece. My mom pulled it out of the bag and said something along the lines of “This is hideous, I must let someone borrow my veil and they sewed it on to this ugly thing. ” Well we looked back at the photos, and it was the same head piece my mom wore, but her hair covered most of it. Whoops! Her style has changed since then.

232323232-fp53882-nu=388--9;6-637-297;9;6728239ot1lsiBut it was in great condition and I loved the length and little pearls along the bottom. It ended up matching the color of the vintage lace on my dress perfectly. Needless to say, I removed it from the head piece and sewed it on to a clip. I loved having this special connection to my parents wedding on my wedding day.

224-IMG_3025 223-IMG_3024

Thanks Mom!

140104_339 140104_157 140104_153


I absolutely love my something new!

IMAG1203This beautiful bracelet was a gift from my Godmother Aunt Ann. I was the Jr. Bride in her wedding when I was just three and it was special to have her read scripture at my wedding. She gave the bracelet to me before the rehearsal dinner and I was so excited. She picked out the most gorgeous bracelet ever! It is so my style and went well with the dress. Someone told me before the ceremony to make sure it was on my right hand so it would be in the photos. I don’t remember who said that, but thank you! I love these photos of the bracelet while we are holding hands.

140104_260 140104_259

Such a special gift! Thank you Aunt Ann! 140104_258

140104_116 140104_110 140104_054


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