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Birthday Presents

Today my dishwasher (aka George) made a little whoopsie with this girl’s crock pot.


She sure came in handy for a working woman who still wants a hot healthy meal after 8 hours at the office.


It’s been a nice ride, you will be missed.

Soooo mom, have you gotten me a birthday present yet?

I think I have an idea 🙂


Back to Reality…TV

So have you ever made fun of a TV show to no end? Thought the people were out of their minds, the acting was bad, the “reality” was as fake as could be? Then your room mate is watching it and you find yourself hooked? Or maybe you hear a conversation about the crazy family and their unheard of life style and you just HAVE to check it out?


Like so guilty. I am talking Kardashians, Duggers, Sister Wives,  Bachelor/Bachelorette… I could probably go on.

Well lucky for me I found a few friends in KC that were hooked on the Bachelor too. And in true fashion we invited a few more friends over and got them hooked as well. Most Monday nights for the last two seasons, we have been holding watch parties at our house. I cook, everyone brings something to pitch in and we have a night of yummy food, wine, and friends. Admittedly the show has been rather blah, but the company is fantastic and we have still been using the show as a good reason to get together (and make sure we don’t miss out on any juicy reality TV drama).


On commercial breaks the voice of the host, Chris Harrison” always reminds the viewers  “If you, or someone you know, would like to find love on the next season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette apply on line or visit a casting call near you!”. A few weeks back they listed Kansas City as a casting call location. We HAD to go!


Ironically, of the four of us that wanted to go, two were already married.  Was being single a condition of being on the show? Whoops? Talk about “right reasons”.  Everyone needs a good wing girl, so Hannah and I went as moral support.

What an experience! So many good-looking women (and some men) of a wide variety of ages were there looking for love (or fame). So many high heels, stylish dresses, and loads of make up and hairspray.

The contestants received a 6 page packet of information and questions to fill out.


Got in line to take a few mug shot photos, and then stood in a lonnngg line for an interview.

Image from!beVRhD
Image from!beVRhD

Along the line they had booths set up by local boutiques displaying jewelry and fashion that would complete your look if you were one of the lucky 25 selected.

While our eligible friends were interviewing, us married chicas took some selfies with the beautiful sunset as a back drop. The interviews were quick. Five minuets of basic questions and answers with a casting director and a camera.

IMG_2046 10463067_10203644490371539_850986760921456949_n

So I didn’t meet the love of my life at a reality casting call (because I already have him :)But I did get this snazy t shirt.IMAG1652
I also got a text the next day…



Yup that’s me in the blue dress and white jacket


Spotted. And now I am famous on Channel 9 website. I got my 15 seconds of fame anyhow.

Oh and PS if my two single friends don’t get a call back in the next two weeks, I may need to post a dating profile. 🙂 Hot young singles in KC looking for love? I know a study smart dashing man with a love for corgi puppies, and a beautiful blonde woman with a sassy style and a pretty smile.

Body Building

So I am back, I know its been a while, but no time for excuses. I was really overwhelmed with how much support I got after my last post on my body. I know weight and body image is something so many struggle with at one point or another in their lives, but it really made a difference to have you all to talk to and have your support in this difficult season for my body. That being said, I really wanted to share my success with all of you who have cared so much for me! (so if you don’t care…you can probs stop reading because this post will be pretty boring).

10lbs. Yes! I have lost 10lbs since I wrote my last post. This is such a victory for me. I had felt like I was doing so much, and the lbs just kept piling on. After really sorting out my thoughts via writing, I changed my attitude about my struggle. I was also met with so much encouragement which acted as a super fuel for me to get a good kick start to where I needed to be.

I need to take a minute here, a long minute, to brag on my husband. Never have I felt so loved and supported when it has come to my body. I don’t know how exactly, but George has really made me feel so incredibly beautiful in my own skin while at the same time encouraging and supporting me to do what it takes to help me see that same beauty. He told me over and over that he loved me just the way I was, but I wanted to see a changed he would help me. This is EXACTLY what he has done.


George found this workout program that we have started to do together. It’s called 5×5 Strong lifts, you can read about it here. The idea is essentially about doing 5 simple lifts that engage the whole body. You start small and slowing and consistently work your way to heavier weights. When your body has more muscle it burns fat way faster! Plus it makes my runs way easier. I have always been into sports and jogging and workout classes/ videos but never the hardcore lifting.


My work has an AMAZING gym where we meet 3 days a week to lift. George is a GREAT personal trainer. He helps with my form, getting the rack set up, encourages me, and he’s cute to boot!


I think the total change in the way I have been exercising has helped me to get out of a slum. I don’t know if its scientific or not, but I do know I was hitting the gym (usually two times a day) and not seeing much change. Now I go 3 days a week and go for a 1-2 mile jog on the opposite days and feel and look much better.


I made a few more changes to our daily lives that have also made a difference. First off, I quit taking a medicine that I think was really effecting me in a negative way. Just one week after quitting the meds I noticed a change in my weight, hair, skin, and overall mood and energy levels. I only wish I would have stopped it sooner. Medicine can be really great, but sometimes I think our bodies reject the extra chemicals. I think its really important to listen to our bodies. George and I also dabbled into the Whole30 diet a bit. We kind of made our own version (totally not part of the program, whoops) but id say it worked for us since we are seeing some great results. (More on some of the recipes we liked soon!)

Natural Mexican Chicken Soup
Natural Mexican Chicken Soup

And the last piece to this puzzle is how encouraging my work is when it comes to fitness and health. I work for a health care technologies company and they emphasize wellness and fitness. My team just had an Olympic competition where we competed in a bike, row, swim, or run. The prize: extra vacation time! We trained for 7 weeks. Worked out at the gym during lunch, and trashed talked each other in the office.


It was a blast! I ran the 800 (that’s a half mile…and its pretty much a super long sprint). My team got 2nd place which means I get to stay out on the lake a little longer than planned!

IMAG1491 IMAG1517

Thanks for the love!