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Disgracing my Husband

In my 9.5 months of marriage I have learned how important it is for couples to support each other in all that they do.  Assuming you talked to your spouse before getting married you likely agree on many things naturally… hence the wanting to spend a life together.    That being said, marriage does not magically make you agree on everything. It also does not mean that you and your other half will find the same thing important.  Both George and I often find ourselves saying, “I need you to be on my team here”.   Some times the situation that is getting my feathers ruffled is not important to him and could easily be ignored. Sometimes going in to a difficult situation is is important to know that someone is there to stand behind you. Supporting one another in those situations helps to build a strong relationship. ( I’m going to get math-y here on you for a minute). Its like the transitive property. If its important to me. And I am important to him. Then it must be important to him too. . A=C and B=A then B=C. Am I right?


Okkkkayyyyyy.  So I miss math.

I am a big nerd.

Now where was I?

Oh right. Support. Now this works both ways. George ask for my support and needs me to be on his team just as much as I need him on mine.

Now I don’t want to toot my own trumpet but for the last 198 days I have worked really really hard to be on his team.

Since March 31st I have been to at least 5 games.

I have worn blue.

I have opened my home to fans for countless watch parties.

I have made festive food to show my support.

IMAG2034 I carry a KC tote to the grocery store.

IMAG2039I have worn the only Kansas City Royals shirt I own 8 days of the last 16 days of my life (which meant I have had to do a lot of laundry).

IMAG2036All for the support of my husband.

Now I will admit. I have had some fun. I have gotten to “know” some of the players. I am all about supporting the team in my new city. And now, the Royals in the world series for the first time in my life time. Wow pretty cool! You can taste the excitement in the air. It’s the big talk of the town, and you can bet my husband is THRILLED!

Now here is where it gets complicated. I’m and STL girl born and raised. Part of the Cardinal Nation. At first it was easy. I could easily support both teams  I mean after all, they are not even in the same league. What were the chances they would ever play against each other and it really matter. I mean it hasn’t happened in my life time . Ever. Except now.

This is where I make a hard decision. A decision that may make my side of the bed REALLY lonely.

I have to  draw the line. I  must disgrace my husband. I bought THE ONLY Cardinals shirt in all of KC.

IMAG2040 I am ready to wear it boys! Pick up the enthusiasm birds and bring home a win tonight! …and the next three games.(Oh and the next series after that too).   I can’t take it any longer!

Oh and George if you are reading this… I sowwyyy.

Well, kinda.

I’m already thinking of what kind of red foods I will cook starting Tuesday.

Go Sports!