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Weekly Ramblings: Donkey Kong and Post- Wedding Blues Edition


This ramble got to long…must make separate post.

Monday Tuesday (psych! Labor day off..don’t you just love that feeling when you realize the weekend is one day closer):

As I pull on to the highway I check my rear view for a safe merge, I spot some commotion behind me. Squealing breaks, speeding up, slowing down, rapid lane change.  I clearly missed the start to the road rage I witnessed this morning, but I have never seen anything like it.  This was full blown chuck -your breakfast- out- the -window rage.(That is not some kind of hip phrase the kids are saying.) There was literal breakfast thrown out the window. One car had clearly ticked off the driver of the other and they were playing dangerous highway games trying to pass one another and then get into the other’s way and slow down. It reminded me of game I would play with my brother if we were in bumper cars. I was torn between keeping my distance to avoid an accident and desperately trying to keep up with the cars to see how this feud would end.  Right before they sped out of my view, I saw one car get even with the other and chuck something out of the window. I am pretty sure a hand gesture (and likely choice words) were exchanged. As I came up on the tossed object,  I saw a peeled, but not yet eaten banana. As I zoomed past, I checked my rear view mirror half expecting to see a car donkey-kong spin behind me.

I am having post wedding depression. I hear this is a thing. Once all the excitement leading up to the big day is over the feeling of “it’s over, what do I do now” kicks in.

I didn’t experience this after my own wedding. I was too excited for George to move in and start a life together. We never lived together and this really was a new beginning to look forward to each day.

I do however know quite a few brides who did have post wedding blues. (Jennifer, I am looking at you 🙂

Well I am having the sister of the bride/maid of honor post wedding blues. I miss the anticipation of seeing all our family and friends. I miss the shopping. I miss the spreadsheet and to do lists.  More than anything, I am desperately missing the obvious excuse to call my sister and my mom to discuss wedding details.  And I miss the mid day g-chats about the guest list or hair appointments.

Wedding planning=tons of time with these two beauties!


julie and mom

Good thing work is keeping me busy or I might just start planning my second wedding anniversary celebration. That’s a thing right? Like having a 2 year vow-renewal party? My grandparents had one for their 50th anniversary so why can’t I every few years. I just like a party okay?

That’s all for now folks.